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Hello dear users of FSB and forum moderators. Thank you for keeping this community live during my work offline. I heard about the recent troubles with FST. I hope everything will be fixed soon. Many thanks to Serfel, Footon and the other contributors.

I’m using my free time to work on FSB Pro. It surely goes to its beta release. There are number of improvements since the last alpha:
  - Generator uses statistical data base and generates profitable strategies faster. The more you use it, the faster it becomes.
  -Optimizer is ready. It uses simpler algorithm than FSB, but it actually brings better results 2-3 times faster. Optimizer also uses customizable sorting criteria.
  - Out of Sample option is introduced for Optimizer and Generator. It is 100% reliable. When used, the program cuts data and generates or optimizes a strategy only for that series. When the work is finished, FSB Pro loads full data series and calculates the stats.
  - Strategy Collections are introduced. You can send a strategy to a collection by clicking a button. Generator and Optimizer optionally saves their results in a collection. A collection can hold up to 100 strategies. Saving, loading, merging, cropping... actions are available.
  - Bar journal is combined with Bar Explorer and it is much comprehensive now.
  - FSB Pro uses data files caching. It starts and loads data much faster than before.
  - Intrabar scanning is integrated in the core of the program. No separate Scanner tool is necessary.

I hope to finish my ship work soon. See you later in the forum.

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Sounds great.!!



My 'secret' goal is to push EA Studio until I can net 3000 pips per day....

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Congrats and thanks for the update!!

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FSB Pro beta is almost ready.
This week I and Serfel will work on fixing MT4 610 integration.