Topic: FST numbers of bars 13k?

I need to increase the number os bars loaded in the FST to more than 12000, because I run a strategie in the one minute chart and I use the (70EMA - 100EMA WTF 1 hour crossover). Thats like a 4200 - 6000 EMA crossover. to caltulate the correct value it takes 6000 bars to get the first value and than 6000 more bars for the other values.
So if you trade with 10000 bars history you do not get the correct value of the indicator.
I hope thats understandable.
I tried to change the config.xml but that does not work out

Re: FST numbers of bars 13k?

You might consider switching to FSB Pro, it's a better trader than FST in the bar limit aspect. … ader-mode/

Re: FST numbers of bars 13k?

I try to switch. I like the FSB pro alot.

The problem is, that I dont find the moving averageslope-Indicator for FSB pro and I need this thing badly.
All I have is the MASlope WTF for the FSB and this one dont work out for FSBpro