Topic: Forex Strategy Builder Pro Alpha 3

Forex Strategy Builder Professional - Alpha 3 is uploaded.

You can find a download link at "Download" page of the website.
Current user will be prompted to update if "Check for updates" option is on.

What is new:
- FSB Pro loads and compiles indicators in dll format. Compiled indicators are saved in "C:\Program Files\Forex Strategy Builder Pro\User Files\Libraries" folder.
- Improved integration with the online Code Repository. You can load indicators and strategies with one click.
- Added Proxy settings in Control Panel -> General page.

Re: Forex Strategy Builder Pro Alpha 3

FSB Pro Updater downloads and asks to run installer. It does so because this release overrides previously supplied custom indicators with new properly converted.

For future updates, if there are fixes only in the program, FSB Pro Updater will apply silent updates.


There is issue with network connection of Repository page. It cannot connect some times. It succeeds only after a restart. I cannot currently figure out what is the reason.

If you use a Proxy Server, please try the  new settings. I cannot test them because I don't use  a proxy.
About the proxy settings:
- "Automatic" must work for everyone (except some special cases when FSB Pro doesn't have access to Internet settings)
- "None" is faster than Automatic if you do not use Proxy.
- In case of Custom proxy, you may or not set username and password. You need these settings from your internet provider.