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Topic: Forex Strategy Trader v2.2 RC

Hello dear users,

I'm happy to announce FST v 2.2 Release Candidate.


- There is considerable improvement in the user interface in this release, flickering of the charts is greatly reduced.
- The program comes with a new FST_Launcher and splash screen.
- It checks the compatibility of the custom indicators and gives a proper warning message if it's necessary.
- The program checks the strategy being loaded and shows a warning message if there are missing indicators.
- When user press "Start Automatic Execution" button, FST checks if there are enough bars loaded for the particular strategy.
- The program and MT4_FST_Library are digitally signed with certificate issued to Forex Software Ltd.


Re: Forex Strategy Trader v2.2 RC

Published FST v2.2.1RC.

Download link in Download page.

- Fixed .NET versions issue with compiling custom indicators.
- Added check and warning message if a user loads strategy with specific features from FSB Pro - signal shift, higher time frame, indicator symbol.