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Forex Strategy Builder Pro Alpha 2 is released.

It requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile or newer.

Download link: Forex Strategy Builder Pro

- FSB Files folder is renamed to User Files and is located at C:\Program Files\Forex Strategy Builder Pro\User Files. This change allows none admin users to install the program and to have normal access to the files.
- Added splash screen.
- Added automatic check and installation of updates.
- Fixed crash when saving a uncalculated strategy.
- Fixed crash at loading when Indicators folder is missing.
- Fixed a bug with closing the first left tab on main screen and its page remains visible.


  This installation will not delete your files from the previous version. You can transfer them from FSB Files folder to the new User Files folder. Last used strategies list on Start Screen will not show correct links after the moving of the strategy files.

Re: Forex Strategy Builder Pro Alpha 2

After one week struggle I finally acquired Code Signing Certificate from Comodo.

No more scary "Unknown Publisher" messages will startle the fellow users of FSB / FST.

Now Forex Software Ltd is recognized and correctly noted in the UAC screen.

I signed current FSB Pro alpha 2.0 version.
It has some minor changes of "Indicators proprieties" dialog panels and some early variants of Generator options panels.

You can try downloading and testing the installation.

Internet Explorer is still showing - "This file is not commonly downloaded..." but it will change with expanding the user base.

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Re: Forex Strategy Builder Pro Alpha 2

I was able to install a file from the FSB I normally use.. all ok....

I really like the display properties in the editor, a ton of information.

Being able to easily flip back and forth between the various charts makes this much much simpler and easier and faster to work with.

I worked with every available screen, clicked on everything I could see, did not detect anything weird.

Look forward to the next update.!!

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