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Dear users,
the new help system of Forex Strategy Builder is under development.
It is located at

We use DokuWiki for its base.

Re: Online help system

Popov, This is a pretty impressive undertaking. I am extremely humbled by your cleverness and your generosity. May I say that I have been searching for quite a while looking to have a programme written after using many so called robots that have failed dismally. My big concern has been the cost of writing such a plan and my lack of understanding the language of metatrader. Discovering your site has enthused me . May I ask a question as to whether an indicator that is not listed can be imported into the strategy builder? I have a plan that I want to test  and appears with your builder, I may be able to sort it through without making a complete idiot of myself, but I am running an indicator which isnt in your list and all my trading is done using it.    humbly yours 1b4freddo

Re: Online help system

1b4freddo, Mr. Popov is on a business trip now, but after he returns he'll be more than happy to discuss your ideas. All the proposals and suggestions by FSB users are wellcomed.