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Forex Strategy Builder v2.70
Published on May 03, 2012.
Requirements – Microsoft Framework v2.0 or newer.
Md5 Sum - 12E53086865B3A3F654F162D3E6F0C01
Download link: ForexStrategyBuilder.exe

Changes from FSB v2.68.2

  * Added Oanda Data Import.
  * Updated language files.
  * Minor improvement of Data Directory's Browse dialog.
  * Fixed a minor glitch in Small Balance Chart.
  * Fixed an issue when optimizer closing is canceled.
  * Added Destination Folder to data import tools.

Wiki page of Oanda Data Import.

Re: Forex Strategy Builder v2.70

Popov 2012-02-20 17:12:07

This bracket is intentional. It shows that the lower limit (Minimum) is reached and the value cannot go downlards any more. If upper limit was reached (Maximum), a bracket on the right side would be shown.
I can remove these brackets if you think they are not appropreate. Or eventualy to introduce a new menu option for switching them on and off.

I read in a previous post that the bracket in the optimizer is intentional which is a brilliant idea. I have noticed that a double bracket [[ also appear some places in the optimizer. Is there a difference between the single and the double bracket?

Re: Forex Strategy Builder v2.70

Single bracket means that is reached of Min or Max value set by the user. If he moves the limit, the value may continue in the same direction.
Double bracket means that the absolute Min or Max value for that parameter is reached. Min or Max cannot be moved in that direction nay more.