Topic: Forex Strategy Builder v2.68.2

Forex Strategy Builder v2.68.2
Published on April 10, 2012.
Requirements – Microsoft Framework v2.0 or newer.
Md5 Sum - AB990231691B8DDE525E1F2FD5981962
Download link: ForexStrategyBuilder.exe

This version fixes some bugs and adds some features facilitating data import:

- Fixed a bug with updating old config file;
- Corrected class name of Vidya Moving Average custom indicator.
- Fixed a crash when large font is used on windows XP.
- Added "Open Data Directory" menu option;
- Fixed Cut Off Data Bars when there is not enough remaining bars;
- JForex Data Import works with more data formats provided from jForex;
- Added option for ignoring Saturday and Sunday bars from data files.

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