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Topic: Broker Question- JForex, MB Trading

I would have posted this in the brokers sub-category, but as that looks to be composed of about 99% plugs and advertisements I figured it'd be a little more reasonable to post it here.

Does anyone have experience with running FST through the MT4 hook-up/bridge offered by JForex? If so what's your opinion? Currently I use MB Trading's MT4, which works fine and I am happy with. Unfortunately however, their data offering is much smaller than that of JForex/Dukas and testing results differ considerably between the two groups making it impractical to test on JForex while using MBT.

Any input is greatly appreciated, on JForex or any other alternatives.

Re: Broker Question- JForex, MB Trading

I can tell you some things I've learned this week playing with FSB / FST -- questions I had after reading this site that became more clear when I dug in to the software:

First, I do believe FST should probably work just fine with any MT4 broker because of the brilliant way that it was designed. It really is MT4-broker neutral from what I've seen.

Secondly, be aware that the default max testing bars is 50,000 - so that amount is probably just fine with any broker. Personally I think optimizing a bot using more than the past 50,000 bars may be unnecessary due to changing markets.

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Re: Broker Question- JForex, MB Trading

Thanks for your input dusktrader. I have a high opinion of the utility of FSB/FST, but my knowledge of coding/programming is quite limited so its good to hear its designed well.

As far as how FST jives with MT4 through JForex- In particular I was thinking more along the lines of how JForex/Dukas itself handled the routing of the orders from MT4. Does it do well with a high volume of orders, etc.? Also, because JForex uses a bridge to a "third party" MT4 --has anyone experienced any issues with this set up?

--If you weren't already aware and if you were at some point interested in testing on more bars, there is a way to skirt the 50,000 bar limit.

You'll need to edit this file: c:\Program Files\Forex Strategy Builder\System\config.xml (located of course in the FSB-System-config folder) Open in any text editor (notepad) and just change the value of max bars and save.
-Credit to Togr for posting that solution.