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How much we can expand FST by using custom indicators? Probably the limits are only the limits of our imagination.

I made a custom indicator named Remote Monitoring.
It doesn't reflect on the trading process. It silently collects account data and sends them on a remote webpage. The indicator calculates an unique ID key which serves as a user ID.
After running this indicator as an Opening Logic Condition, it starts sending data periodically to the server.
After that you can monitor your positions remotely at the webpage
When you open the page, you have to login with the unique ID key from the indicator.

The page is intentionally minimalistic. It has to be easily readable from a mobile phone.

It looks like this for a demo account:

The indicator sends data at a tick but not more frequently than 30 seconds.
The webpage is automatically refreshed at every 60 seconds.

Tutorial: How to Monitor FST Remotely

The indicator v1.0 is attached.

Edited by dopamine on 8th of Sept 2011: Due to too many clients using the new Remote Monitoring tool we had to disable the service for a while. The high demand was overloading the server. We are working to bring it back to you A.S.A.P. We hope to bring it back online on a different server next week. Thank you for your patience!

Remote Monitoring started again on 9th of Sept 2011.

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VeryGood !!! Popov smile

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A bug in the indicator was fixed. Please update your copy with the attached below.

Edit: Indicator Remote Monitoring v1.0 attached to first post.

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Simple & genius smile Thanks!

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Feel free to share your ideas on making this feature more helpful for you cool

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is it possible to have a tool which alerts one via E-Mail if FST got disconnected from MT4 due to whatever imaginable reasons incl. a system crash, power blackout etc.

It might be supportive if one gets noticed that there are uncontrolled orders or positions in the market in case of an absent S/L - or P/T order.

Maybe something like a hearbeat checking tool for FST with an automated alert function.

Thank you very much.

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