Topic: Plans about FSB for 2011

This is my ToDo list at the moment. More or less it contains my goals for this year.

Updated on January 28, 2011.

v Done
- ToDo
~ Maybe
? Probably not now

v Fix zeroes in journal field Ammount
? Repair back test of Trailing Stop - tick mode instead of bar mode;
? Add Break Even stop;
~ Import MT5 data files;
? Multi-core processors to be supported.
- Show Floating P/L in journal during transfer when there are more transactions in the bar.
- Show Required Margin in Journal by Positions.
- Explorer - show position lots between the points also.
~ Money Management - add / subtract after a certain number of pips profit or loss;
~ More MA smoothing methods.
v Fix calculation of Required Margine and Account Percent Entry.
- Fix loading data without a decimal separator in the data file.
- User format of data file that can overwrite the default one.
- Check reported issues with data files.

Permanent Protection Type:
v Absolute and Relative Permanent SL / TP
v Add protection type description in BBcode, Overview, Strategy Properties slot...
- Add protection type in Backtester
- Add protection type to Generator

v Add Cancel button to compact mode
v Disable Symbol and Period combo boxes during data loading at startup.
v Remove Tick info when there aren't tick data files;
v Add "Loading:" label when loading data files;

x Add buttons: Overview, Save As; Dismiss Strategy;
- Add views: Market statistics, Account Statistics;
- At starting generation reset the strategy layout and balance chart to default. Consider the locked slots;
- Save and show Top 10 strategies. Update the list regularly. Show: Micro Balance chart, Balance, Drawdown, Win/loss.
x Scroll bar for the settings panels;
v Linked slots - keep the indicator but change its parameters.
v Repair strategy description option;
v Repair strategy Overview option;
v Fix Unlock all icon.
- Option in Settings - automatically save top 10 strategy (Top_01_EURUSD_1Day.xml)
- Option in Settings - Reset settings.
- Option - Only use default indicator values.
- Banning of indicators (through a setting file or menu).

v Add buttons: Select, Unselect, Set steps...
? optimization of Permanent TP / SL.
- resizable form;
- Option in Settings - Reset settings.

jForex Import:
- import correct files even when there are wrong ones.

~ Trailing Stop, Stop Loss, Take Profit... to start from previous top/bottom, ATR...

- fix Russian translation

Re: Plans about FSB for 2011

The new look of the Strategy Generator

Re: Plans about FSB for 2011

Very cool indeed  smile

I think that these two features are very important to develope profitable strategies:

Add Break Even stop
Repair back test of Trailing Stop - tick mode instead of bar mode

In FST the tick mode trailing stop and breakeven are very efficient, but I can only forward test these. There might be very good results if the break even can be optimized.

Re: Plans about FSB for 2011

Very impressive smile

As far as "GENERATOR- Option - Only use default indicator values" is concerned, that would indeed be a major improvement. I hope however that, where an indicator shows various possibilities like ENVELOPES " Enter long at the Upper Band" and "Enter long at the Lower Band", both variations of the indicator will be considered. Surely the main point is to avoid the number crunching.

Re: Plans about FSB for 2011

Здравейте господин Попов, поздравления за прекрасния и уникален продукт, който сте разработили. Това е един уникален продукт търсещ зависимости в движенята на цената и помагащ на много трейдъри като мен  на които им липсват програмистки способности.
Имам няколко предложения за създаване на индикатори които ще увеличат колосално възможностите на софтуера и ще помогнат за намиране на повече завистимости в движението на цените.
Съжелявам за писането ми на български във форум който офицялния език е англииски но просто езиковите ми способности са равни на програмистките ми способности или клонящи към 0 smile
В приложения файл по-долу съм описъл идеи за развитие на FSB, които се надявам да могат да се реализират и да съм бил полезен.  smile

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Re: Plans about FSB for 2011

Hello Popov,

Is there a planned release date for the new version?

Re: Plans about FSB for 2011

It seems everyone wants some improvements. It might be a way to generate money for you to charge for particular programming changes that individuals want or need. I for one would pay for improvements.