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I have a strategy I'm testing that has a S/L and T/P and adds a new .25 lot for a same direction signal.  However, I just realized that the S/L and T/P on all open lots for that strategy is adjusted based on the entry price of the most recent .25 lot added. 

Is there any way to make it so that the S/L and T/P for each .25 lot remains based on its own entry price and not the entry price of the most recently added .25 lot? 

Thank you.

Re: Strategy Properties

use different expert magic numbers.

Re: Strategy Properties

notenoughsleep, please take a look at this topic. I think this will answer your question: … sl-and-tp/

Re: Strategy Properties

I'm currently experimenting with an additional option to the Permanent TP and SL.
It will set whether the SL / TP will be absolute (relevant to the initial entry) or Relative - (relevant to llast position modification).