Topic: Forex Strategy Trader v1.1 Beta

The first beta version of FST with logical groups support is finally released.

Download link: FST_1.1_Beta.exe

It comes with: MT4-FST Expert.mq4  v1.1 and MT4-FST Library.dll v1.0

Please be careful when testing this beta version. Pay special attention on the logic of if logical group
is correct. Another hot place is the trailing stop in bar mode.

The list of the changes is here:
  * The chart was improved;
  * True charts added;
  * Indicators of FST synchronized with the indicators of FSB;
  * Added logical groups;
  * Maximal count of the indicator slots can be adjusted from the Strategy menu;
  * Trailing Stop indicator has bar mode and tick mode. The bar mode, corresponds to the Trailing Stop indicator of FSB.
  * Many other smaller issues were fixed.

Re: Forex Strategy Trader v1.1 Beta

I'm glad to get a new version of FST smile

Please tell how can I switch between Trailing Stop indicator's bar mode and tick mode ?

Re: Forex Strategy Trader v1.1 Beta

When you open the Trailing Stop indicator, you'll see the 'Trailing mode" option.

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