Topic: HI all !!! :) Indicator request plz

Hi all !!! I am new  tongue
Thanks to Popow for this amazing free software !!!

I am a nOOb whit C# and I am not able to code an open filter that can decide if a new bar is opening above a certain lever (or %) of the previus bar...

I need an indicator that allow long trade if new bar opens above the previus bar closing price ... or above a certain % of the previus bar ...

Short... the same... reversed smile

The logic:
OPENING TRADE: If a new bar formation opens above a % of previus bar or opens above the previu bar closing ---> allow long trade.
CLOSING TRADE: Close trade at bar closing smile

No stop los ... no take profit...
Only trade from opening prize to closing bar prize.


Anyone can help me please ?

Thanks a lot !!!  big_smile

Re: HI all !!! :) Indicator request plz

Something similare has been requested as well . … g-started/