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I have 2 GU 5 min charts on which I have the FST EA.

On one, its fine..It is working well. On the other chart, it is showing "Library Server Error"..

Can anybody pls help to resolve this issue.


Re: Library Server Error

Same problem with me.

Any solution already?

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I have same problem "Library Server Error : -1
Is there allready a solution????

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oK guys, I tried everything to have the problem fixed but nothing works. I even erased the hole program and reinstalled it with a two earlier editions and this does not work either. So I don't know what I can do more but as of right now the program is not working at all. It just doesnot get connected and the manual trade as a result of this doesnot work either because it stays unconnected.
Does somebody know something what I could do to try to get this program working again??????


Re: Library Server Error

Can you post some screen shots of the errors, along with the settings of the EA and FST please?  There is also a logging feature in FST (along with a viewer) that may assist. 

It is a little difficult to provide any suggestions on how to resolve the issues when you only post the generic error description and no detail.


Re: Library Server Error

Library server error should be solved now for those who have it, refer to to the link below: