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Good morning everyone.

I have created many experts with the help of EA Studio. I tested them in a demo account.

When I try to copy the best experts with fxblue trade copier from one demo account to another demo account, the copy works.

However, when I copy them with fxblue trade copier from a demo account to a challenge prop account, the copy doesn't work.

Does anyone know the solution?

thank you very much

Re: Problem with copy expert

EAs not allowed on the challenge account? What errors do you get?

Re: Problem with copy expert

Hi, thanks for the reply.

the prop I'm using is the "stellar challenge, swap account, 2 steps of Fundednext which allows EAs and also Trade copiers

The MT5 does not give me visible errors on the screen.

But I noticed that in the demo account IC MARKETS

- it can be activated in the demo account the symbol indicates that I can activate or deactivate at the top (circled in red)

- on the "Common" settings page you can check the "Allow modification of signal setting" option (circled in red)

However, in the Fundednext phase 1 account it is not possible to use the two points I have just listed. They do not appear or cannot be activated

Maybe this could be the problem, but I don't know how to solve it

(I attach 2 photos to understand better)

I also wanted to say that I encountered this exact same problem last week with an FTMO swing challenge that I had to return because the trades weren't being copied and I wanted to check if the same problem existed with another prop

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Re: Problem with copy expert

usa o anotnel / mirror  na minha opiniao e o melhor