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Re: - electronic and cryptocurrency exchange service AnyE

How to protect your digital assets from "dirty money"?

If you are the owner of crypto assets and care about your reputation on the exchange, you should protect your wallet from suspicious transactions and "dirty money." An account with a dirty crypt that has been on the darknet may be banned on the cryptocurrency exchange.  Don't want to become a victim of scammers and lose your money? Check transactions before they get into your crypto wallet. AML Bot. will help you with this.

Among the most reliable AML services that provide customers with the ability to verify transactions, AMLBot can be singled out. It was launched in 2019. For 3 years, the AMLBot team has helped more than 30,000 owners of crypto assets to check their funds. Thanks to timely verification and risk assessment,  the service's customers could protect about $ 65 million from blocking.

Using the service is very simple. Register on the website or open a bot in telegram and send the wallet address you would like to check. In response, you will receive an asset analysis in PDF format. The risk is calculated as a percentage. Also, you will receive a detailed analysis of the origin of each component of your assets.

In addition to the usual check, AML Bot also has an investigation mode. This service is needed if you want to check at what point the crypt became dirty. The analysis will show the entire transaction history of the asset, including the names of the cluster, the percentage of their risk, and the number of intermediate addresses. 

With AMLBot, you can check not only single addresses. There are also offers for corporate clients. With the help of API integration, the service can be connected to any site. Also, there is Premium Exchanger for exchangers who need ready-made assistance to verify all transactions on the service.

AMLBot offers its customers a wide range of advantages:

  • A wide range of verification. With the help of the service, you can verify transactions of more than 1,500 cryptocurrencies, including BTC, LTC, ETH, etc. It also supports ERC-20 tokens, including QC, TUSD, NEXO, and others;

  • The accuracy of the analysis. Addresses are checked against several Crystal international databases at once. This guarantees high accuracy of the result;

  • Round-the-clock and fast support service. Any of your questions will be answered within 30 seconds;

  • Absolute anonymity. The service does not collect or store user data;

  • Profitable affiliate program. By registering with a referral link, a person receives a 5 percent discount on checks. The client also gets a bonus for invited friends, in the form of 10% of all their payments.

  • You can try it for free. A new user can perform 1 transaction verification in the Telegram chat and 2 checks on the website absolutely free of charge.

In conclusion, AMLBot is a high-quality and reliable AML service that provides its customers with a high verification level for "dirty money." Using it, you can always be sure of the legality of the origin of your crypto assets and not be afraid of sudden account blocking. - Quickly! Anonymously! Safe!

Re: - electronic and cryptocurrency exchange service AnyE

The Best Way to Protect Your Coins from Suspicious Transactions

Looking for the most reliable way to protect your crypto assets from fraud? Then use the AMLSafe cryptocurrency wallet.  This is an innovative solution in the world of decentralized finance.

AMLSafe is a cold cryptocurrency wallet with a built-in AML module. The application provides all standard functions, including buying, selling, exchanging, sending, and receiving coins.

In the app, you will be able to buy various digital assets using a credit card. The wallet supports more than 50 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and others, and ERC-20 tokens, including QC, TUSD, NEXO, etc.

The main advantage of AMLSafe is the built-in AML verification service.  Without leaving the app, you will be able to check incoming transactions. This will help you ensure that a “dirty” cryptocurrency has not got into your wallet. You can check transactions even before they get into your wallet. In case of a suspicious transfer with a high risk, it can be blocked promptly.

The AMLSafe wallet offers a vast number of advantages over other cryptocurrency wallets, including:

  • Referral program. By inviting friends through your link, you get free checks;

  • Support for more than 50 different cryptocurrencies and ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum platform;

  • Ability to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and many other cryptocurrencies with fiat.

  • Quality support 24/7;

  • The ability to send and receive money with deficient fees;

  • High level of protection against hacker attacks and intruders The wallet is protected by a multi-level security system;

  • You can purchase digital assets using any bank credit card;

  • The ability to create an unlimited number of wallets;

  • Compatible with Android and iOS. - Quickly! Anonymously! Safe!

Re: - electronic and cryptocurrency exchange service AnyE

Leave a review about our service on and get rewarded. added to the monitoring of exchangers We thank all our customers for their trust. To mark an occasion, we are announcing a promotion. Leave a positive review about the work of our service on and get $1 to your mobile account.

To participate in the promotion:

  • Make any exchange on our website;

  • Contact us via the contact form on the website and send:
    1.the ID of the previously made exchange;
    2. screenshot or link to your review on the website;
    3. mobile phone number to which we will send the reward.

Please note that:

  • Users who leave unconstructive, aggressive, or biased feedback won't be rewarded;

  • Each user can leave no more than three reviews, regardless of the number of exchanges;

  • You may lose your reward for trying to create fake multi-accounts.[

Thank you for using our service! - Quickly! Anonymously! Safe!

Re: - electronic and cryptocurrency exchange service AnyE 

How to protect your assets on the exchange from dirty cryptocurrency?

PureFi is an innovative cross-chain solution designed to serve the decentralized finance sector. It is a protocol with a built-in AML service. 

Specialists from AMLbot, in partnership with Hacken and Crystal, are working on a unique PureFi certificate, which will help businesses access exchanges and similar services easier and faster. The project will allow companies providing KYC/AML services to connect with users of DeFi platforms or services to provide them with a high level of security in the world of cryptocurrencies.

PureFi will contain information about the asset price, AML/KYC, and other metadata. This will serve as one hundred percent proof of the legal origin of the assets.  It will be possible to use the protocol on the most popular blockchain platforms, including Ethereum, BinancePolkadot  

 PureFi will provide honest users of the DeFi market with a high level of protection against suspicious transactions and allow customers to remain anonymous. Thanks to this protocol, clients can analyze crypto wallets and transactions using extensive AML databases. 

PureFi consists of oracles and smart contracts. It involves three groups of users, including:

To whom PureFi will be helpful?

  • Liquid pool users who want to put their coins in the pool and have to prove that their funds are clean;

  • Liquid pool operators who control and manage liquidity pools and want to ensure the purity of all new assets;.

  •  Issuers - companies or enterprises that track cryptocurrencies and make decisions in KYC and AML.

The project is currently under development. Anyone can sponsor it by investing money in the $UFI token. 70% of the token fees will go to the liquidity market. All sponsors will receive a 30% discount on services. - Quickly! Anonymously! Safe!

Re: - electronic and cryptocurrency exchange service AnyE 

Dear users !

Our service is undergoing maintenance until November 1, 2021. In this regard, the exchange service will be temporarily unavailable.

The service will resume full operation in the near future. Thank you for your understanding. team - Quickly! Anonymously! Safe!

Re: - electronic and cryptocurrency exchange service AnyE 

Reddit users will be able to receive ERC-20 tokens for karma points. 

Active Reddit users will receive ERC tokens in exchange for high-quality content and popularity in the community. This was announced by a Reddit engineer under the pseudonym Rahul on Twitter. 

Karma Points is a Reddit reputation system that helps weed out low-quality content and aggressive users. Reputation balls work like likes and dislikes in any popular social network. The more people put a plus sign under your post or comment, the higher your karma score, and Reddit promotes you more often. Conversely, if a user's posts or comments have scored a lot of dislikes, then his karma score drops. Users with too low a karma score can get into a shadow or absolute ban.

According to the calculations of the Reddit team, this initiative will be able to attract up to 500 million new users. 

Earlier, in 2020, Reddit has already launched a beta version of the reward system.Two thematic forums, r/FortniteBR, and r/Cryptocurrency have created their own tokens on the air — BRICK and MOON, respectively. Participants could earn money for publishing high-quality content and being active on the forum. Tokens were used to conduct or participate in voting, encourage other users, and transfer funds. 

As a wallet, the Vault platform was created with which the user could view his balance, receive and spend coins. - Quickly! Anonymously! Safe!

Re: - electronic and cryptocurrency exchange service AnyE

In Indonesia, cryptocurrency transactions have been recognized as a sin for Muslims.

The Indonesian Ulema Council— the country's leading religious organization, has called for a complete ban on cryptocurrencies for Muslims. One of the leaders of the SUI, Asrorun Niamh Sholeh, said that the crypto trade is sinful and does not comply with the principles of Sharia.

“Cryptocurrency is haram (sin) because it has elements of betting and uncertainty” he explained.

“Digital assets can only be accepted by a Muslim in one case. If the cryptocurrency as a commodity or a digital asset can comply with the principles of Sharia and show a clear benefit”

Although the Ulema Council is the most influential Islamic organization, its decisions are considered a recommendation rather than a decree. SUI's statement does not mean that cryptocurrency trading will be banned in the country. But Sholeh's speech may deter Muslims from investing in it.

Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world. About 88% of all citizens profess Islam. Therefore, the word of the ulema council can radically change the attitude of the population to cryptocurrencies.

The position of the religious organization does not agree with the opinion of the authorities. In Indonesia, it is officially allowed to trade cryptocurrency. Although, at the legislative level, it is equated to a commodity and not a means of payment. The rupee is the only legal currency in the country.

By the end of 2021, the country wanted to open the first cryptocurrency exchange. Also, the authorities announced work on the digital rupee project. - Quickly! Anonymously! Safe!

Re: - electronic and cryptocurrency exchange service AnyE

More than half of game developers use blockchain technologies in their projects

The Stratis blockchain platform conducted a survey among 197 game developers from the USA and the UK. They wanted to know their opinion about blockchain technologies and their use in games.

It turned out that 58% of respondents already use blockchain in their projects, and 47% have integrated NFT technology. 56% of those who do not use blockchain yet plan to do so in the coming year.

64% believe that blockchain technology will become a trend in the gaming industry over the next two years. Another 53% agree that by then, NFTs will also be more common in games.

To the open question, "What is the use of blockchain technology for games?" 61% said it allows you to distinguish the project from the rest and make the gameplay more enjoyable. Another 55% believe that it encourages players to spend more time in the game because the blockchain allows them to earn real money on their virtual achievements.

46% of developers who already use DeFi in games have implemented it in the "play-earn" model. Another 46% have introduced unique items and artifacts in the NFT format. 42% have launched a game currency backed by a cryptocurrency or token.

Why introduce blockchain into the game?

Blockchain will solve several significant problems of the gaming industry. Namely, the insecurity of money transfers and storage of game currency, copyright infringement, the vulnerability of the development environment, exposure from cheaters, and difficulties in project maintenance.

1. Security of transfers and storage of game currency. Players will be able to make purchases using cryptocurrency. All transactions will take place quickly, without intermediaries, and safely. Also, all your in-game assets and items in the NFT format can be stored in your wallet. Today, in most projects, all purchases are stored on the developer's side. In case of closure, fatal error, or hacker attack, players can lose their money. The blockchain will not allow this to happen.
2.Copyright protection. All concepts can be uploaded to the blockchain, and sketches and art can be turned into NFT. No one will be able to steal and pass off other people's ideas as their own. Developers can very easily prove an attempt of an impudent copy paste.
3.The invulnerability of the development environment. It is almost impossible to slow down a game uploaded to the blockchain. Hacking attempts will not succeed as well.
4.Protection from cheaters. Since all transactions are visible in the blockchain, developers will be able to notice an attempt to steal other people's artifacts and in-game currency in time. It will help them to prevent it.
5. There are no difficulties in the maintenance of projects. Today, expensive data centers are needed to support popular games, which themselves may not be able to cope with the influx of users. As a result, there are hangups, connection problems in entire regions, and critical errors that hit the company's reputation. In the blockchain, the players' devices will themselves ensure the operability of the whole system.  Each new installation only expands the power of the game.

Blockchain Games:examples


Description: the game can be compared to Minecraft. This is a sandbox where players can create their own worlds and items. Both single and corporate modes are provided. 
Using blockchain technologies: players can sell and buy items and cards of others in the NFT format for the ERC SAND token.

Description: a collectible card game where you need to collect decks with heroes and participate in battles.
Using blockchain technologies: players can sell, buy, borrow or rent their cards and decks for DEC currency. Also, for each victory, a reward is credited to the wallet in DEC.


Description: a football emulator in which the player must collect football players' cards, form teams, and participate in matches.
Using blockchain technologies: for each win, the player receives a reward in cryptocurrency. Also, you can earn money by selling NFT cards for football players. - Quickly! Anonymously! Safe!

Re: - electronic and cryptocurrency exchange service AnyE

A 14-year-old girl earned more than $1 million on NFT with belugas.

14-year-old schoolgirl Abigail, together with her older brother Adam, created a collection of 8000 NFTs with belugas. They were sold out in just 10 hours.

The girl drew various backgrounds and about 167 unique ornaments: caps, glasses, fur coats, suits, shirts, etc. Then, with the help of a script, all the elements were distributed in such a way as to repeat in a particular sequence. For example, belugas in fur coats are the most expensive because there are only 8 such tokens. 20 NFTs from the collection are unique — their details are not found in other tokens.

NFT was put up on Alpha Art, an NFT marketplace that allows users to buy and trade Solana-based tokens for free.

The initial price of the token was 0.8 SOL — about $160. But over time, the price has increased. The most popular NFTs were bought for 300 SOL (over $60 thousand). And the most expensive token with a beluga in a leopard fur coat and a sailor's cap was bought in 2021 SOL (over $400 thousand).

In just 10 hours, Abigail earned more than $1 million. The girl gave about $100 thousand from this amount to the organization for children with cancer Sunshine Kids, and another $100 thousand to non-profit organizations that help belugas.

Token holders resell their belugas, and the artist receives 5% royalties from each sale. To date, she has already earned over $76 thousand on this. - Quickly! Anonymously! Safe!

Re: - electronic and cryptocurrency exchange service AnyE 

The world's First cryptocurrency city will be built in El Salvador.

A Bitcoin City dedicated to bitcoin will be built in the country. This was announced by the President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele.

Its shape will resemble a vast coin, and in its center, an exhibition complex will be built in the form of a giant symbol, "B."

The city will be supplied with electricity from renewable energy sources. Therefore, it is planned to build it right at the foot of the volcano.

The President assures that Bitcoin City will have everything for a comfortable life. Shopping malls, affordable housing, educational and entertainment facilities, eco-friendly transport, necessary infrastructure, and its own port.  The city will be an ideal haven for miners who will be able to mine bitcoin using the volcano's energy.

Residents will not pay any taxes other than VAT. The first half of the amount will be used to pay bonds, and the second half will be used for infrastructure development and maintenance of the city.

The construction will be financed by tokenized bonds for $1 billion. They will be placed on the Liquid Network. The government has signed a deal with Bitfinex and Blockstream. They will jointly develop a platform for creating tokens.

All invested funds will be divided into two parts. The first half will be invested in bitcoin for 5 years, and the second — in urban infrastructure and the organization of bitcoin mining.

Not only residents of El Salvador, but everyone will be able to finance the construction. You can invest any amount, even $100.

Recall that on September 7, El Salvador officially recognized bitcoin as a means of payment. - Quickly! Anonymously! Safe!

Re: - electronic and cryptocurrency exchange service AnyE

On behalf of the Prime Minister of India, hackers wrote a tweet about the recognition of bitcoin in the country.

Last Sunday, December 12, unknown persons hacked the Twitter account of the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.

On his behalf, the scammers announced the recognition of bitcoin as a means of payment. The message said about the distribution of 500 BTC among the population.

"India has officially recognized bitcoin as a means of payment. The government has purchased 500 bitcoins and is distributing them to the population. Hurry up! The future has come today!" - said in a tweet.

The text was accompanied by a link to the supposedly official distribution site. A person had to register to qualify for free bitcoins.

The message was deleted just a few hours after it appeared. It is not yet known whether anyone was injured due to the scam. But, in theory, a vast number of people could see the fake statement because Modi is one of the most popular politicians on Twitter. More than 73 million users have subscribed to his account. - Quickly! Anonymously! Safe!

Re: - electronic and cryptocurrency exchange service AnyE

27% of all BTC belongs to 0.01% owners - research

According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, 5 out of 19 million BTC are stored on 10 thousand addresses.

Finance professors Antoineta Shor and Igor Makarov analyzed all bitcoin transactions since 2008. According to their estimates, about 114 million people own BTC, which means that approximately 0.01% of bitcoin owners control 27% of circulation.

"This calls into question the whole concept of decentralization and equality. In practice, bitcoin has become highly centralized and inaccessible to most.  The bulk of transactions is conducted through exchanges that are actually intermediaries. And mining costs have become so high that only a small group of corporations can afford it"  the study says.

Also, the professors managed to find out the purpose of bitcoin transactions. About 90% of transfers have nothing to do with buying and selling. The researchers agreed that users often move their funds between several wallets to make it challenging to track them.

About 3% are related to fraud and illegal transfers. And about 7% is accounted for by trading through exchanges and trading platforms. - Quickly! Anonymously! Safe!

Re: - electronic and cryptocurrency exchange service AnyE

Only 3% of the total Bitcoin transfers account for illegal transactions

According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, only 3% of all bitcoin transactions are somehow connected with criminal activity. This completely refutes the results of a previously published Oxford study. The share of illegal BTC transactions is 46%.

The authors of the study, finance professors Antoineta Shor and Igor Makarov, analyzed all BTC transactions since 2008. According to their estimates, 90% of transfers have nothing to do with buying and selling.

"Blockchain is a public registry, and all payment flows between addresses are perfectly visible. Therefore, many BTC owners purposely transfer their money between several wallets to make it difficult to track. This creates a large number of false volumes" the text of the study explains.

Among the remaining 10%, 75% of all transfers related to purchase and sale were made through exchanges, OTC, and trading platforms.

And only 3% of transactions are somehow connected with fraudulent schemes and the darknet. As the researchers noted, their Oxford colleagues deliberately excluded the data of cryptocurrency exchanges from the calculations, which account for the majority of volumes. The figure of 46% appeared because analysts focused only on transfers for goods and services. Therefore, the result of their research does not reflect reality. - Quickly! Anonymously! Safe!

Re: - electronic and cryptocurrency exchange service AnyE 

In 2021, people were more interested in NFT than cryptocurrencies – Google Trends.

Over the past 12 months, people have started looking for NFTs more often than cryptocurrencies, according to Google Trends.

The growing interest in collectible tokens is associated with the fact that more and more media personalities and brands are issuing their own NFTs. Also, according to the report of the analytical platform Cointelegraph, the total volume of token sales increased 25 times in just a year. If in 2020 it amounted to $ 340 million, then in 2021 sales exceeded $ 9 billion.

The most frequently googled queries for "NFT" were in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. But in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Slovenia, the term "crypto" was of interest to users much more often.

In Ukraine, "crypto" is slightly ahead of "nft".  Of the total number of searches, cryptocurrency accounts for 54%, and tokens - 46%. Among the queries related to NFT, the leading ones are "nft binance," "nft is," and "nft token". Also, most often, Ukrainians were interested in the news of the cryptosphere and were looking for an application for visualizing the cryptocurrency market named "Crypto Bubbles". - Quickly! Anonymously! Safe!

Re: - electronic and cryptocurrency exchange service AnyE 

Since 2017, North Korean hackers have stolen $1.7 billion from cryptocurrency exchanges

Over the past five years, North Korean hackers have hacked many exchanges worldwide, according to South Korean media outlets. They managed to withdraw about $ 1.7 billion in cryptocurrency.

Among the most significant cases of hacker attacks, hacking of the South Korean exchange Youbit in 2017. The cybercriminals withdrew about $ 1.5 billion. After the incident, the exchange filed for bankruptcy.

Hacks took place worldwide - in the USA, South Korea, Indonesia, Slovenia, India, Mexico, and other countries.

It is known that hackers do not withdraw stolen cryptocurrencies, storing them on wallets.

"Considering that the price of bitcoin had risen more than 60 times since 2017 when North Korean hackers began to seriously hack cryptocurrency exchanges, the country may consider cryptocurrency as a reliable long-term investment," explained Koh Myung-Hyun, a senior fellow at the Institute for Political Research in Asia. "For North Korea, cryptocurrency has become the only financial asset that can be acquired in the face of strong economic sanctions, as well as to avoid them."

Experts believe that some of the stolen cryptocurrency can be used to finance the development of ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons.

Also, according to the US Federal Attorney's Office, North Korean hackers have repeatedly colluded with criminals from other countries, supported their activities, and conducted the training. - Quickly! Anonymously! Safe!

Re: - electronic and cryptocurrency exchange service AnyE 

Bitcoin hashrate fell 12% amid protests in Kazakhstan

The global volume of bitcoin mining has dropped markedly due to the unstable situation in Kazakhstan. The country began to massively disconnect the Internet, which had a significantly negative impact on the production speed of new blocks.

It is impossible to mine without stable access to the network. Interruptions have actually stopped the work of many enterprises. According to the analytical portal NetBlocks, large Kazakhstani pools 1THash (a decrease of 82%), OKExPool (a reduction of 46.3%), and KuCoinPool (a decrease of 22.7%) were significantly affected.

The protests in the country began due to a sharp rise in gas prices for cars. In some areas, a state of emergency was declared. According to the laws of Kazakhstan, the state of emergency allows you to restrict access to the Internet.

This situation has noticeably affected global volumes because Kazakhstan is one of the world's centers for bitcoin mining. After the mining ban in China, enterprises began to massively transfer power to other countries. Kazakhstan has become one of the most popular destinations thanks to low electricity tariffs. In just two months, from June to August 2021, the hash rate increased from 8.8% to 18.1%. Thus, Kazakhstan became the second center for Bitcoin mining after the United States.

So far, the situation cannot be called catastrophic. But for now, it is difficult to predict anything because the protests in the country are actively continuing. - Quickly! Anonymously! Safe!

Re: - electronic and cryptocurrency exchange service AnyE

In Ukraine, hackers were detained who spread a cryptographic virus extorting cryptocurrency.

The Ukrainian police, together with law enforcement officers from the United States and Great Britain, detained a group of attackers spreading the virus through mailing lists.

Letters with infected links were sent to the victims' mail. A virus was automatically downloaded to the computer when clicking on it, which the cryptographer launched. As a ransom, the attackers demanded cryptocurrency.

According to the police, more than 50 foreign companies were affected. The damage from the attacks exceeded $1 million.

According to recent data, encryption viruses are the most popular type of malware. The police told us how you can protect yourself from them.

Foremost, it is worth periodically creating backups of all data. This is the surest way to protect your essential files from a virus. It is also recommended to update the software and antivirus. This will significantly reduce the risk of infection because the program can detect a malicious cryptographer on time.

Do not click on unknown links on websites or in emails. While downloading files — check their extension. For example, an attacker can slip a malicious program under the guise of a movie torrent.

Do not use an administrator account unnecessarily. Users with traditionally restricted access cannot install third-party programs and change system files. This may prevent the virus from spreading. - Quickly! Anonymously! Safe!

Re: - electronic and cryptocurrency exchange service AnyE

It will stay in the range of $42-46 thousand — experts predicted bitcoin price this week.

The bull cycle continues in the market. The price will not fall below $42 thousand, but it will not exceed the resistance level of $45.7-46 thousand, according to Nikita Soshnikov, head of the Alfacash cryptocurrency exchange service.

The middle of March may be a difficult period for bitcoin. That's when the US is going to raise the key rate. According to Soshnikov's forecasts, this will entail a sharp drop in the exchange rate. But the currency can recover quickly. This will be facilitated by investors' interest in bitcoin as an asset that protects against inflation.

The founder of the EXMO cryptocurrency exchange, Ivan Petukhovsky, believes that the level of support for bitcoin will be at the level of $40-42.2 thousand. The rate may drop to $40 thousand. But the expert does not exclude the penetration of this mark. The price may drop to $33 thousand. External factors can facilitate this - negative statements of opinion leaders and disturbing news.

Recall that last week, the bitcoin exchange rate jumped to $44.5 thousand. This happened after the US Department of Labor stated that consumer inflation broke the 40-year anti-record. According to the results of the report, in December 2021, it amounted to 7% - Quickly! Anonymously! Safe!

Re: - electronic and cryptocurrency exchange service AnyE

Uknown has hacked dozens of crypto bloggers' YouTube accounts to conduct fraudulent broadcasts.

Unknown persons have gained access to several popular YouTube channels dedicated to cryptocurrency. On behalf of the bloggers, they posted a video with a fake distribution of coins.

More than ten channels of analysts, investors, and traders were attacked. Among them: BitBoy Crypto – 1.4 million subscribers, The Moon – 553 thousand subscribers, and CryptoBanter - 538 thousand subscribers. Also, the attackers gained access to the account of the analytical platform CoinMarketCap.

Videos with the name “ONE WORLD CRYPTOCURRENCY” appeared on hacked channels. Hackers urged users to send Ethereum, Binance Coin, USDT, and USDC stablecoins. In response, potential investors were promised to send an equivalent amount of a new, and in fact non-existent, OWCY cryptocurrency.

It is known that as a result of the attack, hackers received a little more than two BNBs and less than $200 in tokens and stablecoins. This can only mean one thing — the crypto community is becoming more aware and is less likely to engage in such schemes.

To not fall for this bait, you need to remember only one thing. During open cryptocurrency giveaways, the organizers never ask participants to transfer money to them. Do not participate in such airdrops. You will not be able to return the money sent.

Interestingly, most of the hacked channels were protected using two-factor authentication. The owner of one of the attacked accounts reported that he found no traces of hacking or infection with viruses. And in the action log, I didn't notice any input from third-party addresses.

Most likely, the scammers gained access to the channels by replacing the SIM. Since the account is linked to a mobile number in most cases, you can bypass authentication by changing your SIM card. The old number will be blocked, and all messages and login information will be sent to the new one. - Quickly! Anonymously! Safe!

Re: - electronic and cryptocurrency exchange service AnyE

More than 70% of all losses from crypto hacker attacks are accounted for by hidden mining programs - Chainalysis.

Malware for hidden mining brought the most losses from 2021 to 2017, about 73% of the total. This is the conclusion reached by Chainalysis analysts in their new report.

Program for hidden mining or cryptojacking is an infected script that allows attackers to remotely use someone else's power to mine coins. Usually, the virus gets to the victim's device unnoticed, adding itself to the exceptions of the antivirus and protection systems. Because of this, it can be noticed far from immediately.

Due to uncontrolled mining, infected devices overheat and even fail. Also, the most unpleasant moment is the enormous financial losses due to the impressive costs of electricity.

Experts from Chainalysis believe that such software is the most common cryptocurrency malware. Cryptojacking programs are pretty easy to use and do not require special technical training. Also, a big plus for attackers is that usually, such a script weighs little. Because of this, the virus is easily embedded in any torrent or open file library while remaining almost invisible.

Most of the cryptojacking software is created for Monero(XMR) mining. It is believed that this is the high anonymity of this cryptocurrency. Unlike bitcoin, it is almost impossible to track who, when, to whom and how many coins were transferred. According to a report by Palo Alto Networks, 5% of all Monero was mined by cryptojackers. This amounts to more than $100 million.

To protect your devices from infection with this malware, you should follow a few simple rules. First, update your operating system periodically and install a good antivirus. Also, it is worth downloading a particular extension to block cryptominers on the Internet. For example, MinerBlock, No Coin, or Anti Miner. Carefully download any files from unverified sources and carefully check file extensions. For example, you downloaded a movie whose extension should be .mp4 or .mkv. The torrent file .exe is typical for a program but not for a media file. Thus, the attackers play on the inattention of the user. - Quickly! Anonymously! Safe!

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