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Re: - electronic and cryptocurrency exchange service AnyE

How to protect your digital assets from "dirty money"?

If you are the owner of crypto assets and care about your reputation on the exchange, you should protect your wallet from suspicious transactions and "dirty money." An account with a dirty crypt that has been on the darknet may be banned on the cryptocurrency exchange.  Don't want to become a victim of scammers and lose your money? Check transactions before they get into your crypto wallet. AML Bot. will help you with this.

Among the most reliable AML services that provide customers with the ability to verify transactions, AMLBot can be singled out. It was launched in 2019. For 3 years, the AMLBot team has helped more than 30,000 owners of crypto assets to check their funds. Thanks to timely verification and risk assessment,  the service's customers could protect about $ 65 million from blocking.

Using the service is very simple. Register on the website or open a bot in telegram and send the wallet address you would like to check. In response, you will receive an asset analysis in PDF format. The risk is calculated as a percentage. Also, you will receive a detailed analysis of the origin of each component of your assets.

In addition to the usual check, AML Bot also has an investigation mode. This service is needed if you want to check at what point the crypt became dirty. The analysis will show the entire transaction history of the asset, including the names of the cluster, the percentage of their risk, and the number of intermediate addresses. 

With AMLBot, you can check not only single addresses. There are also offers for corporate clients. With the help of API integration, the service can be connected to any site. Also, there is Premium Exchanger for exchangers who need ready-made assistance to verify all transactions on the service.

AMLBot offers its customers a wide range of advantages:

  • A wide range of verification. With the help of the service, you can verify transactions of more than 1,500 cryptocurrencies, including BTC, LTC, ETH, etc. It also supports ERC-20 tokens, including QC, TUSD, NEXO, and others;

  • The accuracy of the analysis. Addresses are checked against several Crystal international databases at once. This guarantees high accuracy of the result;

  • Round-the-clock and fast support service. Any of your questions will be answered within 30 seconds;

  • Absolute anonymity. The service does not collect or store user data;

  • Profitable affiliate program. By registering with a referral link, a person receives a 5 percent discount on checks. The client also gets a bonus for invited friends, in the form of 10% of all their payments.

  • You can try it for free. A new user can perform 1 transaction verification in the Telegram chat and 2 checks on the website absolutely free of charge.

In conclusion, AMLBot is a high-quality and reliable AML service that provides its customers with a high verification level for "dirty money." Using it, you can always be sure of the legality of the origin of your crypto assets and not be afraid of sudden account blocking. - Quickly! Anonymously! Safe!

Re: - electronic and cryptocurrency exchange service AnyE

The Best Way to Protect Your Coins from Suspicious Transactions

Looking for the most reliable way to protect your crypto assets from fraud? Then use the AMLSafe cryptocurrency wallet.  This is an innovative solution in the world of decentralized finance.

AMLSafe is a cold cryptocurrency wallet with a built-in AML module. The application provides all standard functions, including buying, selling, exchanging, sending, and receiving coins.

In the app, you will be able to buy various digital assets using a credit card. The wallet supports more than 50 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and others, and ERC-20 tokens, including QC, TUSD, NEXO, etc.

The main advantage of AMLSafe is the built-in AML verification service.  Without leaving the app, you will be able to check incoming transactions. This will help you ensure that a “dirty” cryptocurrency has not got into your wallet. You can check transactions even before they get into your wallet. In case of a suspicious transfer with a high risk, it can be blocked promptly.

The AMLSafe wallet offers a vast number of advantages over other cryptocurrency wallets, including:

  • Referral program. By inviting friends through your link, you get free checks;

  • Support for more than 50 different cryptocurrencies and ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum platform;

  • Ability to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and many other cryptocurrencies with fiat.

  • Quality support 24/7;

  • The ability to send and receive money with deficient fees;

  • High level of protection against hacker attacks and intruders The wallet is protected by a multi-level security system;

  • You can purchase digital assets using any bank credit card;

  • The ability to create an unlimited number of wallets;

  • Compatible with Android and iOS. - Quickly! Anonymously! Safe!

Re: - electronic and cryptocurrency exchange service AnyE

Leave a review about our service on and get rewarded. added to the monitoring of exchangers We thank all our customers for their trust. To mark an occasion, we are announcing a promotion. Leave a positive review about the work of our service on and get $1 to your mobile account.

To participate in the promotion:

  • Make any exchange on our website;

  • Contact us via the contact form on the website and send:
    1.the ID of the previously made exchange;
    2. screenshot or link to your review on the website;
    3. mobile phone number to which we will send the reward.

Please note that:

  • Users who leave unconstructive, aggressive, or biased feedback won't be rewarded;

  • Each user can leave no more than three reviews, regardless of the number of exchanges;

  • You may lose your reward for trying to create fake multi-accounts.[

Thank you for using our service! - Quickly! Anonymously! Safe!

Re: - electronic and cryptocurrency exchange service AnyE 

How to protect your assets on the exchange from dirty cryptocurrency?

PureFi is an innovative cross-chain solution designed to serve the decentralized finance sector. It is a protocol with a built-in AML service. 

Specialists from AMLbot, in partnership with Hacken and Crystal, are working on a unique PureFi certificate, which will help businesses access exchanges and similar services easier and faster. The project will allow companies providing KYC/AML services to connect with users of DeFi platforms or services to provide them with a high level of security in the world of cryptocurrencies.

PureFi will contain information about the asset price, AML/KYC, and other metadata. This will serve as one hundred percent proof of the legal origin of the assets.  It will be possible to use the protocol on the most popular blockchain platforms, including Ethereum, BinancePolkadot  

 PureFi will provide honest users of the DeFi market with a high level of protection against suspicious transactions and allow customers to remain anonymous. Thanks to this protocol, clients can analyze crypto wallets and transactions using extensive AML databases. 

PureFi consists of oracles and smart contracts. It involves three groups of users, including:

To whom PureFi will be helpful?

  • Liquid pool users who want to put their coins in the pool and have to prove that their funds are clean;

  • Liquid pool operators who control and manage liquidity pools and want to ensure the purity of all new assets;.

  •  Issuers - companies or enterprises that track cryptocurrencies and make decisions in KYC and AML.

The project is currently under development. Anyone can sponsor it by investing money in the $UFI token. 70% of the token fees will go to the liquidity market. All sponsors will receive a 30% discount on services. - Quickly! Anonymously! Safe!

Posts: 26 to 29 of 29

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