Topic: JForex import not finding files

Hello I have been trying to import files from JForex but so far I have not been lucky.
I have been following all the steps but nothing seems to work. I always get the same message.

"Cannot find JForex files in input directory!"

This is the files I am trying to upload

Thanks for your help

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AUDUSD_4 Hours_Bid_2003.08.03_2019.04.13.csv 1.49 mb, 4 downloads since 2019-04-15 

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Re: JForex import not finding files

It is because of the changed format of the file name. These guys have fun changing the exported file names, which of course makes the import unpredictable.

FSB Pro currently reads files with the time zone between the symbol and the period. You can rename the file as follows, and FSB Pro will accept it.

From: AUDUSD_4 Hours_Bid_2003.08.03_2019.04.13.csv
To:   AUDUSD_UTC_4 Hours_Bid_2003.08.03_2019.04.13.csv

You can try TickStory light. It also reads data from DukasCopy and has FSB export format.

Re: JForex import not finding files

Oh wow.
That was easier than expected.
I spent the whole afternoon trying to get it to work.
Thanks for your help and quick reply!