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Hi Guys,

Wanted to share with you a solution to power failure risk if your running FSB or EA Studio for long periods of time. Last night had a power cut (not uncommon in South East Asia - where I live) but unfortunately lost 4 days of system generation (on 3 different PC's) - so I decided to check what could be done.

Now the problem is that you dont wish to lose your collections , and there is no setting for regular saving of the collections to an eternal file (like every 4 hours save kind of function).

Now the solution of a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) is obvious but if your UPS is just putting your computer into a shutdown mode - you are in trouble - as a shutdown will lose your work.

I was thinking about this, and wondered - could I write a script to stop each instance of FSB and save the collection. But really there has to be an easier solution.  Then i remembered - what about the hibernate state.

Windows allows 3 states of shutdown -  Sleep  (where data is saved into RAM and the computer sits in a low power state - but loses the data if all power is lost).  Hibernate (a snapshot of your computers state is saved on the HDD - power then turned off) and shutdown.

Hibernate is not allowed by default on windows 10 - and you have to learn how to turn it on. (Guide:

This morning I tested both FSB & EA Studio going into Hibernate - then starting back up again. It works 100% - both software come out of hibernation and continue generating systems.

So the solution is to get a UPS that can put your PC into Hibernate.

I've done a little research this morning.  APC UPS's have the functionality to do this (check which models and sizing applicable to your setup).   Additionally UPS's running the winpower UPS software also can do this.

I hope this helps and if anyone has any questions - PM me and i'd be happy to help smile


Re: Power Failure and what to do

We also have power-cuts. I have installed solar power with high capacity batteries. Have had 24 hours electricity for the last 5 years..irrespective of how the power company behaves.
If anyone needs help choosing inverters or batteries etc...feel free to contact me as have done ample research.

Re: Power Failure and what to do

I understand your point, recently I've "lost" +30 hour running reactor (4 chrome instances) collection by a blackout too, what anger :@