Topic: Expert Advisor Studio - Faster and More Precise than Ever

Hello traders,

New EA Studio version is uploaded. I worked hard on this update to make EA Studio backtest to show results as near to the MT tester as possible. There is some additional work and polishing, but the results are visible even now.

With some minor fixes and updates to the data exporting scripts and the backesting engine, EA Studio shows equal results with MT most of the times.

Now the data export scripts detect more swap variants, which improves the backtest correctness.

I also added a new option in the Settings - "Start the backtest at bar 100". It is necessary to make the first deal matching the first deal in MT.

The option is switched on by default and imitates the MT work closer. However, if you set Start date in the MT Tester, it is better to switch the option off.

During the tests of the new release I found a relatively easy way to optimize the speed of the backtester. Now it showed to be twice as faster as before.

Please test the new release carefully and report all issues.

Trade Safe.

Re: Expert Advisor Studio - Faster and More Precise than Ever

Wow, again big thanks for that very very nice Software smile

Re: Expert Advisor Studio - Faster and More Precise than Ever

Hello Mr Popov,
I just wanted to say thank you for this new great improvement. Thanks a lot.

I'm using EA studio to build portfolios and what I usually do is once I have a collection of strategies I download them one by one (I would like to be able to download them all in a zip or something and not having to go downloading one by one) and once I have them all downloaded I backtest them in MT4 (I have created scripts to automate that). Only the best strategies in MT4 backtester are uploaded to a new collection in EA Studio that I use to build a portfolio EA. In my experience some of the original EA Studio strategies don't work well in the MT4 backtester and I prefer not to trade them (I can build so many strategies that I don't care rejecting those that don't work well in MT4). So, I guess with this new improvement most of the strategies built with EA Studio will work the same in MT4 backtester and I won't have to download and backtest them in MT4. That's great!

One question though: I understand the MT4 strategies that are built with EA Studio and that I download and backtest in MT4 are quite similar to EA Studio backtester. But the "problem" is I'm trading those strategies not as individual downloaded MT4 strategies, but as part as a portfolio EA whose logic is coded in your (azure?) web server. May I ask if this logic is also the same as the results I would get in the MT4 backtester? As I cannot use this Portfolio EA in the MT4 backtester we don't really know if they are performing the same as they would do if they were individual strategies. Do you think the Portfolio EA server could need fixes too to perform the same as they would do if they were individual strategies?. Alos, If we find a strategy performing well in the portfolio EA is it going to be a good idea to trade it as an individual MT4 EA or there could be diferences in results? I think the Portfolio EA feature is the best I've seen in a software to build forex strategies, although I would like to use it in the backtester.

Uf, sorry for posting such a long post, I just wanted to say thank you, but I started thinking about the Portfolio EA strategies being diferent from individual MT4 downloaded strategies. What do you think about that? Thanks!

Thanks a lot for your good work in your great tools. I'm working with EA Studio everyday and I have big expectations on it wink
Best regards!

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Thank you for the good words!

I'm aware of the traders needs to download the collected strategies whit one click, however there are technical difficulties to do that. The browsers complain when an app tries to download multiple files. You idea to zip the experts is great and it seams it is the only viable solution, but as usual there problems with that also. We will find something that to do the job.

About your Portfolio Experts question, the Azure code doesn't need an update for now because there are no changes in the indicators and the signals.