Topic: All data validation in FSB Pro

I ask to add in FSB Pro an "All data validation" as it is in EA-StudioReactor and EA Studio Validator.
When I create strategies with OOS I have to select each one in the repository Collection seperately to see the overall performance. In EA Studio I can see both results in one diagram (green seperation) which makes it very handy.
The sorting is also different. In FSB Pro it is only according the OOS Data range result, in Reactor it is according overall performance, which I find is what we look at in the end.
I have put this request into this thread because I did not find a sticky "FSB Pro Wish List" as we have for EA Studio.
Maybe it would be useful here too.
Thank you for your great software and the good forum support

Re: All data validation in FSB Pro

You can do that.

Use the Multi-Tester tool to recalculate the complete collection.

Re: All data validation in FSB Pro

Thank you for the fast answer. I was not aware of this possibility and will try it.
You seem to have a solution for everything :-)