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Topic: "Maximum number of bars to import" > 1.000.000 ?


I would like to import 1 min HST files which hold about 1,3 million bars (1 min data from 1987 to date). However, I can´t seem to set the "Maximum number of bars to import" higher than 1.000.000 and also can´t find a setting in the various settings-files where to raise that limit. So my 1 min data is always cut off, but I do not wish to import a higher timeframe too, because then I can´t test with high precision. Also, do not worry about my specs, I know that those are huge amounts of data, but that is the way I work in other forex-software as well and it´s no problem to use that many 1 min bars there (RAM is enough as well, no worries).

So, how can I raise that limit?

Thank you smile

Re: "Maximum number of bars to import" > 1.000.000 ?

Did you set the limits in your Data Source files?

See how to do it here: https://forexsb.com/forum/topic/5221/re … mitations/

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Re: "Maximum number of bars to import" > 1.000.000 ?

Hi Popov,

thanks for that turbo-reply. Yes, my DataSource_FSB Demo data.json file reads:

  "MaximumBars": 50000000,
  "MinimumBars": 300,
  "MaximumBarsLimit": 50000000,
  "MaxIntrabarBars": 50000000,
  "MaxIntrabarBarsLimit": 50000000,

Still can´t raise the import > 1.000.000 though.

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Re: "Maximum number of bars to import" > 1.000.000 ?

Mhm, the hst files import may have a limitation. i don't remember exactly.
Please try to save your data files from the MT chart and put the xxx.csv files in the FSB Pro's  data folder.
It must load all bars.

Re: "Maximum number of bars to import" > 1.000.000 ?

Yes, that is how I´ve done it now and that works fine (loads all X million bars), but it would be nice if you could remove that artificial 1.000.000 limitation from the HST importer.

Thanks a lot:)