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Hi Popov,

Since FSB has been providing FSB Demo data historical download for all these years via FSB software.  I assume you would have kept records/saved these past years history data and I wonder you can make these data available for us.

Are you able to create a thread/service here in the forum for members to download past years FSB Demo historical data so that we can have bigger and longer historical data to work with?

Especially for those using 1 min time frame, the ability to download past years 1 min historical data would be very helpful for us.

Ideally, this service be incorporated into the FSB software system, whereby when we download History Data via FSB, we have the option to choose the time period we want to download, ie. we can choose how many years of historical data for each time frame or overall time period.

In addition, for those who aren't very savvy with computers or rewrite the scripts etc, make it "more user friendly", maybe can you add this features/option whereby users can Enable/Disable how the new data be handled 1) overwritten by the latest data or 2) accumulate and let the data build up.

For example if I choose Enable, I allow FSB download History Data to keep adding new data and hence, keep expanding the data period.  And in this option, we can also choose the maximum number of years or months we want FSB to keep adding.  For example if I choose 2 years of 1 min data, FSB will keep adding and when it reaches the 2 years max, it will keep the latest 2 years and with each new data, it overwrites the oldest data to keep the latest 2 year max time period available

If I choose Disable, I want only the latest 2.5-3mth of 1 min historical data to work with.

The whole idea is to make FSB as user friendly as possible.  Those optional functions be available with a click of button etc and users don't have to go the FSB "user's file" go to the selected folder/files search through all the codes etc to make the required amendments etc. 

For example, if I want to increase the number of opening/closing slots, I don't have to go to the file and change it.  New users won't even aware of this function whereby we can increase the default 8 to max 26 because in the Wiki user's guide, it mentioned we can only have 8 opening positions.  Ideally, the default be set to 26, so that those who need more, won't have to go through the trouble to locate the file and make the changes.  If not, then at least there is a function/option to choose the max number of opening/closing logic. (I won't know whether the default has been changed to 26 cos I already changed mine to the 26, so I won't know whether you have update the default to 26 already, if yes, that's great).  But what I want to emphasize here, is about making FSB as User Friendly as possible (avoiding the need for Users to go to the files/folder to make amendments, as much as possible, make these changes available in the software's main interface/function area)

This is found in the Wiki User's guide:
Adding an Opening Logic Condition

The button Add an Opening Logic Condition allows you to add an additional Opening Logic Condition slot.
You can add up to 8 Opening Logic Conditions.

Re: Request for Longer FSB Historical Data for members to download

Hello Hannah,

I'm collecting all data and probably I have M1 data for about two years.

I'm setting now an own data server for exactly that purpose. It will serve MT data from different brokers for EA Studio for now, but later I'll expand it and can provide MT data for FSB Pro also. It depends on which brokers will be interested in the service.

Another option is to make a simple program for downloading data from my databases (something like TickStory but for bar data only).

Re: Request for Longer FSB Historical Data for members to download

Wow thanks Popov, looking forward to these extra services.  Thanks for thinking "so far ahead" for FSB Users.

Please try to make it soon for FSB users.  While you are waiting for which brokers want to join least provide FSB users with the FSB Demo Data (which you already have) for 2 years to start with...hopefully this wait won't be long.  Can it be added now, whenever we do our usual History data update, the default to at least 1 year (for 1 min time frame) with the option to choose 2 year?

We can approach this issue with both short term and long term measures.  In the long term, whatever ideal suggestions you have, while in the short term, whatever measures FSB users can benefit now (so that the wait won't be long) I mentioned before, Perfection comes in steps.

For example, you can zip these files (since it's only 2 years of 1 min data) and make it available for download in this forum.  Simple and easy and don't need to wait so long.  Yes, there are many ways to solve this problem (wanting more historical data) but there are also ways to make FSB more user friendly, a One stop measure, Users don't have to search through the internet to find out where are the available serves and go to another website, download, copy/paste and wonder whether the data is the same source as FSB Demo Data etc.  By providing such essential services here, we make it easily accessible to FSB users and being more user friendly, would enhance FSB User's overall satisfaction and working experience in using FSB interface.

Just like the way you added the Script for user to attached to their MT4 chart so that they can download their own broker's historical data easily as compared to the past.  Such features, enhance user's experience and satisfaction, it reduce the hassle, shorten the steps and make it so simple to execute.  I greatly appreciate this feature (that's such a brilliant idea and feature to have).

I like your idea of given the choice to choose which brokers to download the historical data.  The selling point for these brokers is, When they make their services/data available to FSB users, they are more likely to attract and convert FSB users to be their customers (provided these are reliable brokers to begin with).  Because if their data are available for us to do our testing, we are also likely to trade in Live account with those brokers, whose data we have been using for our back testing.  Hopefully these Brokers see the advantages of joining FSB to provide their data for us to download and hence open up additional avenues to attract customers for themselves.  It's a win win situation for 3 parties (FSB, Users, Brokers).

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I know this is an old thread but I have the same issue highlighted by Hannahis in her post.

I want to increase the number of the opening logic conditions in FSB Pro. I use several filters and logic groups in my strategies. So, I require more than 8 opening logic conditions. I'm not sure if the EA will work if I go ahead and exceed the stated limit.

Could someone please let me know the correct program file to modify?

Re: Request for Longer FSB Historical Data for members to download

Here is an instruction of how to increase the number of slots: Instructions for increasing more logical conditions

Re: Request for Longer FSB Historical Data for members to download

Thanks Popov.