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Hello Traders,

We updated the forum software version to the latest PUNBB v1.4.4

Please report any issues and inconsistencies.
Currently the [video] tag is disabled and the included in the posts videos do not play directly. We'll fixed it soon.

Trade Safe!

Re: Forum Software Updated

Looks great, so far!

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Can we have the old version back, please? The change would have been justified if there was a better awareness of a new PM, like it was back in 2009, 2010. Currently, it is the same. On the other hand, there are funny stuff everywhere, which is actually counterproductive, a SC for illustration below.

Especially the "Re: topic title" in every post is pointless.

I still remember a software upgrade, which rendered attachments unworkable in this forum for months at the beginning of this decade, lets not fix things which ain't broken!

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i totally agree cos i cant view the web site properly with tablet and mobile phones.

By the way, I just bought a Lenovo Yoga 500, i7 6500U, 15 inch touch screen laptop.  its so nice to lay down on my bed viewing my accounts and observe my EA performance so comfortably.  The laptop can be folded into tablet and many other positions.  With touch screen zooming in and out makes me feel that im looking at 24 inch screen font size anytime i want ☺

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Footon, I have reported this issue two weeks ago and they uploaded patch yesterday. I applied the patch and it seams the issue is fixed. I also changed the new PM notification.

Ctrl + F5 required in order to force the browser to load the new style.

Regrading to the Re: Topic Title , I also didn't liked it at first, but I see it useful now.

This forum version has a better theme structure that provides a responsive view on mobile devices and on smaller screens. It keeps the old look on purpose on a PC screen, but it zooms properly on smaller screens. It was practically impossible to read the forum on a mobile phone before.

No horizontal scrolling needed anymore.

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Ok, PM is a bit better now, in topic title we agree to disagree smile

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Yes, now it is impossible to miss out the PM.

It's rather eye catching now.

As for my mobile phone, I can only view the title column and I can't move my webpage to the right hand side to view the "POST" column, so I have no idea who made the recent post.  Hence, now it's almost impossible for me to use my mobile phone to view cos' I can't see the whole webpage.

And as for my tablet, I still can't zoom in and out and hence I can't read the wordings cos it is so small in my screen.  I can do that to other websites but when it comes to FSB forum, this zooming in and out function can't be used as compared to the past.

I wonder does it got to do with Android system that affects the website viewing and it works OK for Apple?

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I've used the full forum version on android just fine, zoom works and every other function as well.

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Hannah, can you try the zoom now? (page reload required)

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It's working now even when I didn't do anything such as page reload.

Thanks what a relief, I don't have to strain my eyes, can zoom in n out

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My friend and I can't view the website properly via our own separate mobile phones, we just android phone and I was trying to show him the forum pages but we can only view half the page (left) side section, only the topics.  It makes it very user unfriendly that it almost impossible to.