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Topic: Multiple Lot in different position and different lot size

I am just new learning the software. I like to purchase the software for life time or atleast few month membership until make a quality strategy. But I need to know is the software capable for this or not.

Say I open a short position . when few bars loser position I like to open some more lot example position 1 : 0.02, position 2. : 0.03, position 3. 0.03 similar few more lot. max lot 20.

I see the software have system to open loser position with 1 way lot size. But looking different several additional entry.  how I can open say in eurusd 1.06565 first short entry.  I want short entry when market up 300 point lot size 0.02. next entry when marketing 700 point up lot size 0.03 , next entry 0.05 in 1000 point more.

Let me know the solution.  check the attachment.


Re: Multiple Lot in different position and different lot size

You seem to talk about discretionary trading, but FSB is for rule-based system development. Define in a clear manner each step of your idea/concept, that will help you move further.