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What is the programming language for strategy development in FSB?

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To be more precise, you don't need coding for strategy development, one does it with GUI. If you want to develop indicators or enhance FSB itself, then coding in C# is the way.

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Thank you for the fast replies! I like this program first sight. It looks different. Do you know if there are any easylanguage tarnslators for it? I have many systems in easylanguage since I was using TS. Also do you know if there is strategy import capability from a text file for example?

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You're welcome! Unfortunately no translators or strategy import functions... All needs to be manually built in FSB, but that's easy. I think that matching strategy behaviour can be tricky in some cases also, be prepared wink

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I work a lot with a tool called price action lab that finds price patterns based on my criteria and can output text code of the logic for MetaTrader. Possibly I could use copy and paste in FSB and work from there? What do you think? Here is an example of a single pattern logic: … #process41

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Yes, it's a start. There are certain aspects which need to be dealt with, but I believe it'll be fine. If you get to that point and need guidance, post the pattern and lets find the optimum solution.

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That would be great! Thanks guys.

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Hello. Nice topic.

I have a general question , only for education.
I was wondering for educational purposes only, what if Forex Strategy Builder was coded in C++ or C ?
Wouldn’t be better, faster  and Smoother ?

And If yes , then why did you coded it in C# ? 


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C and C++ are very low level programming languages. They are primary used for OS core development and tooling. The Linux core is written in C. The Linux programs (GNU) as well as the Windows are written in C++. These are programs designed to be used by administrators or other programs. On the other hand the software that targets general users must have good user interface. This is what you see when you open a program - menus, buttons, boxes, panels... Unfortunately there is a very few user interface technologies. WinForms and Windows Presentation Foundation are the dominant ones provided with .NET Framework, which also provides C#. This makes the C# a natural choice for the Windows programs promoted by Microsoft from 15 years.

MetaTrader is written in C++ as well as many other windows programs. Theoretically C++ must be a little bit faster than C#, however the programs algorithm has more dominant role for the performance.

C and C++ are excellent and I used to write on them years ago. However from my point of view, C# is better as a general solution.

Recently Mozilla created new programming language "Rust" as a replacement of C++ and use it in the newest version of Firefox. Rust shows all signs to replace C++ for the user oriented software.

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Couldn't help but also add my 2 cents.  As with everything in life -- it comes down to trade-offs.

Let's suppose that C and C++ are a bit faster than C#, that's fair to say.  But in the case of a Forex application a good chunk of the time is spent sending data back and forth over the Internet -- which takes a long time.  Often many milliseconds or seconds.  So, overall, would it make a difference if an algorithm written in C takes 4.5 microseconds and one written in C# takes 7 microseconds?  Probably not.  On the other hand, a developer gets a lot for free from .NET when using C#.  That is, when using C# you can write a nice application in a couple of weeks.  Using C or C++ it would take a year.

If you were writing a program for the next space shuttle or missile defense system, then the rate-limiting section of code would be written in C or assembly because every microsecond counts.  But when other portions of the program have delays of milliseconds or seconds, then developers will choose a language that gets the job done more quickly and correctly.

By the way -- I'm not suggesting it took a couple of weeks to create FSB -- no way.  My point was the same application written in C or C++ would take 20x or more longer to develop than a similar one using C#.  If you are thinking of learning programming -- which I think is a great idea and no where near as difficult to learn as many people think -- then C# is definitely the way to go.

Does that make sense?

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Mr Popov and sleytus ,It make Sense. Yes  i am interesting in learning a programming language.
Many Thanks for your Answers.