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attached here the pivotpoint indicator 4 slots 
Note: the open close filter part use( R3 & S3 only)  until now  so you can consider it modification of the top bottom indicator but using S3 instead of bottom and R3 instead of Top

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Re: Pivot Point Indicator

i Have a request !!  how to shift by bars ??

This is what i did but not working

IndParam.NumParam[1].Caption = "Shift";
IndParam.NumParam[1].Value = 0;
IndParam.NumParam[1].Min = 0;
IndParam.NumParam[1].Max = 200;
IndParam.NumParam[1].Enabled = true;
IndParam.NumParam[1].ToolTip = "The number of bars to shift with.";
var iShift = (int)IndParam.NumParam[1].Value;


int firstBar = 1;


int firstBar = 1 + iShift + 2;
for (int iBar = 1; iBar < Bars; iBar++)


for (int iBar = 1; iBar < Bars - iShift; iBar++)
adH[iBar] = dTop;
adL[iBar] = dBottom;
 adC[iBar] = Close[iBar - 1];


adH[iBar+ iShift] = dTop;
adL[iBar+ iShift] = dBottom;
adC[iBar+ iShift] = Close[iBar - 1];

Re: Pivot Point Indicator

Any help regarding that issue!!!

Re: Pivot Point Indicator

Please check the indicator. It seems that the indicator is working with FSB Pro, but there are some issues to check:

Re: Pivot Point Indicator

Hello zenoni
i tested it using FSB and it works fine so i suppose it will work by default in FSB Pro !!!!

Re: Pivot Point Indicator

Its working but the problem '' as i think'' in  public override void SetDescription()

i didnot write the code block that describes the actions


case "The bar opens below a S3":
                    EntryFilterLongDescription = "the bar opens lower than " + sUpperTrade + "S3 " ;
                    EntryFilterShortDescription = "the bar opens higher than " + sLowerTrade + "S3" ;

then i have to repeat the previous  block with the following conditions

"The bar opens above an R3",
"The bar opens below a S3",
"The bar opens above a S3",
"The position opens below an R3",
"The position opens above an R3",
"The position opens below a S3",
"The position opens above a S3",
"The bar opens above an R3 after opening below it",
"The bar opens below a S3 after opening above it",
"The bar opens above a S3 after opening below it"

The indicator still working fine but cosmetically will be like that