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Hello Room !

Cheers again to the team members ! Last time I posted for a request to generate a metatrader expert advisor from this software, is it possible now ? I mean are there any developments made to make a expert advisor compatible to metatrader from this software strategy ? As this great peice of software lacks this small capacity !

Any feedback would be highly appreciated by administrators !

Thank you once again.

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I would really like to see this feature, too. It seems to me that such a feature would be the best possible one to add.


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That is not so easy. Actually I started developing Forex Strategy Builder because I was not satisfied from the MT backtester. There are tens of key points and private cases in the backtesting that MT does not care about.
MT leaves all the logic aspects in the hands of the programmer. MT does not check the EA for logical errors. That is why there are so many experts showing good profit in backtest but falls down in real trade.

I'm developing FSB with the intention to make it as safe and reliable as possible. FSB protects you. It does not allow you to make a false backtest. Even if the back test is not 100% reliable FSB warns you.

Makin FSB to MT exporter means the exported EA to include many back testing features. Why to do this? I'm not using MT and nobody pays me to improve MT. If someone wants he can make this exporter. I'll help him. But I'll not lose my time for this.

If you want EA from FSB strategies this is not a problem. I know an excellent EA programmer who will make it for you. But this is not free. As I know he takes $15-20 per hour. I personally do not take even a cent from this.

If you want ask in the forum what EA you what. Someone could offer you to make this EA for you. Of course asking in the MT forums also is not a bad idea.

I'll not refuse any help about the logic of the FSB strategies. If you have specific questions ask here.


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I understand your position. I also want you to understand that I really appreciate what you have created. FSB is the most helpful tool that I know of for exploring new strategies. The fact that you let us use it for free is very much appreciaated by all of us here.

My purpose for wanting the ability to make an EA from my FSB startegies is not only for backtesting, but also for forward testinfg on demo accounts; perhaps even on a live account if it works.

My current plan is to try Visual Traders Studio, and see if I can make an EA easily with it that utilizies my FSB strategies:

If that works well, I will let people in this forum know. Perhaps someone in this forum has already tried it. If so, I would love to hear about your experiences with it.

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There was somewhere in the net a free online tool for generating EAs. I've tested it but on that time there were not too much options and indicators. I've tried to find it recently but I don't  remember the website.

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My interest is to learn to develop a strategy and then to code it into amibroker........ the thing that amazes me is that Forexsb has already shown me one strategy with excellent returns without me having to do anything except optimize for a couple hours......

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here is a site that will allow you to create an EA for metatrader......

Only problem is that there will be additional coding required to fine tune the EA