Topic: FSB v2.6.1.0 Published on May 1st 2008

Hello dear users,

You will find many new features and improvements in this version of Forex Strategy Builder.
This is a list of the major changes:

    *  Adjustable number of the traded lots.
    * Automatic scan - menu [Testing] - [Automatic Scan].
    * Backtesting to a Margin Call - can be switched off from menu [Testing] - [Trade until a Margin Call]
    * New indicators - Price Move, Enter Once, Week Closing, Account Percent Stop, ATR Stop:
          o Price Move - Sets an entry point at a predetermined number of pips away from the base price.
          o Enter Once - Allows only one entry during the desired period.
          o Week Closing - Closes the position at the end of the week.
          o Top Bottom Price - Uses the highest and lowest prices of a previous period (bar, day, week, month)
          o Account Percent Stop - Sets how many percents of you account to risk.
          o ATR Stop - Sets the stop level depending on the market volatility (using Average True Range as a criterion).
    * The information in the strategy overview was improved.
    * There is description to the strategies.
    * Completely new function for reading the offline data files. It can recognize more file formats now.
    * A simple calculator is integrated - quick start [F12].
    * Several bugs have been fixed.

Please, post your comments in the forum!
Do not hesitate to ask your question here. We will try to help you.
Any suggestions or bug reports are highly welcome.

Have fun!

Re: FSB v2.6.1.0 Published on May 1st 2008

It good to see Strategy Generator able to come up with profitable strategy at lower time frame. Its time I think to try out an alternative Strategy Generator (II).

I will call this the reverse logic strategy generator.

1. It will search for the maximum loss.
2. The commission/spread will have a +ve value instead of a negative.

After the maximum loss strategy have been found, the logic of the strategy will need some reversing to make it profitable.

A. The entry will need to be reverse, ie if the entry is for long then it have be be changes for short and vice versa
B. The SL (if any) will have to be changes to TP.
C The TP (if any)will have to be change to SL.

For many reason it easier to find great losses than great profit, hence it is easier to search for big losses and then reverse the logic to make it profitable.

Re: FSB v2.6.1.0 Published on May 1st 2008

Hi Melvin,

A reversal of a losing strategy does not make it winning.

A strategy lose money because of:
- Wrong logic: Wrong entry / exit moments or directions of trade;
- Accumulation of charges: rollover, spread,  slippage.

By reversal you are able to change the logic but not the charges effect.
A strategy can open the maximum number of lots, to overnight them and to close at the next opening. In this case it will catch all fees no matter of the trade direction.

Your idea to make the charges positive is interesting. At the first look, it seems that a reversal will produce a mirrored result. (I'm not completely sure of that.) But even it does so, I cannot imagine why the generator will be able to find a losing strategy easier than a winning one, on a normal trade.

Re: FSB v2.6.1.0 Published on May 1st 2008

My reason why ita easier to find loosing trade strategy, except for scalping 99% of normal person will lose money even if they are paid spread. Hence I think there is more opportunity to find winning strategy if we look at the the loosing side then reverse the logic of trading.

If you do the math for losing strategy producd by FSB, are most of them due to spread, roll over, etc cost or is it because of the entry & exit.