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How to make more profits in Forex?

Let's take your career as an example. You can make more money by either doing more work or by improving the quality of your work. So if we assume you are making 10% of the money you invest in Forex, then how could you make more money? There is generally tree ways: trade smarter, invest larger amounts of money or trade for longer time spans. Since printing money is illegal (unless you are the Federal Reserve) you are basically left with those options pointed out above. So if you want to invest more of your money you can reinvest your profits to Forex trading or earn more money. However we would suggest another way: trade smarter and for more time.

What do we mean by "trade smarter"?

Automation. Things done by following logical rules are things that work. This is how science works. This is how your car works. This is how the world famous brands work from McDonalds to Ferrari. They all rely heavily on a high degree of automation.

How does automation help people and brands make more money?

  • no “human” errors
  • always take the logically and statistically correct actions
  • lightning fast decisions and execution

In the business and Forex worlds delay and errors are almost always equal to loss and missed opportunities to make more money.

So, how to automate your Forex trading?

There are a few possible answers to this question. All of them are obvious and you probably already thought of them:

  • hire someone to trade for you on your own rules
  • hire a team of programmers to program a Forex trading software for you that you can use to trade 24 hours a day
  • use a programmable Forex software product to do automatic trading.

The first two options, you have probably already imagined, are pricey and very far from cost- or time-effective.

We should of course point out there are already some options of the third kind you can choose from. Here comes the time to make a wise choice.

How to choose Forex software for your trading needs?

The current market offers two types of products: free and paid.

Most free software in the Forex world is delivered by brokers to let you trade with them, but not only - it provides a good amount of basic strategy building and testing tools. However the part of this software that lets you build and test strategies is not to be trusted blindly at all. There are brokers do not wish you to lose money, but what they make money from is your trading decisions. The more you open and close positions, the more money they make from the spread. You can easily imagine that such software, financed by your broker, would make the impossible to make you trade more than you need to. The other hidden side of free software is that your broker has no interest in helping you make profits. They are there to help you trade and that's all. In a sense if you use such free software you end up paying a price much higher than the price of any paid product out there.

The other option is paid software that is broker-independent. Such software should (at least in theory) be looking forward to help you avoid logical errors, money loss and most importantly - let you see the real data, charts, stats and allow you to make profits as easy as possible.

You don't need much thinking to see how far you will get by trusting someone who will make as much money if you earn or lose money and generally does not care for your success (assuming your broker plays fair, which is not always the case). You can also easily see now how paid-for software will turn much more profitable for you not to mention that the companies selling it are deeply interested in your success in Forex and will make what they can to provide you with tools that bring you positive results.

Strategy building software still requires programming?

A big chunk of the Forex strategy building software out there today requires hardcore programming skills and understanding. So even if you get to use such a product you will need to pay a programmer to code your strategy for you, buy a pre-programmed strategy or learn programming yourself. We already discussed this can turn out to consume great amounts of your time and money. That is the reason why Forex Strategy Builder Professional requires no programming skills at all. You can build and customize your strategies with our full-featured graphic interface. However building a strategy is not nearly enough to make profits. If you just create a strategy and expect it to work it would be similar to crafting an essay in Japanese, considering you have no previous knowledge of the language and you used only an English-Japanese dictionary. There would be tons of grammatical, logical and other errors. People will probably not get its meaning at all. So if you craft a strategy and begin to trade it right away you can pretty much expect it to “crash and burn” in the real Forex world. A strategy needs testing, analysis and more testing before you can put some real money into trading it.

How to see if your strategy will perform to your expectations?

Testing. Analysis. This is where Forex Strategy Builder Professional excels. The most trusted way to make sure your strategy preforms well enough in a market is to test it on market data. This process is called backtesting. Forex Strategy Builder Professional has an extremely fast backtesting algorithm that lets you see a balance line of your strategy in real time as you make changes to it. But this is just the beginning. Forex Strategy Builder Professional comes with a wide array of backtesting options, analytic tools and all sorts of enhancements to ease your strategy building, backtesting, analysis and seamless trading.

We believe that Forex Strategy Builder Professional will take your Forex trading and experience to a whole another level, much higher than that of other products and the people using them. Here we invite you to test out Forex Strategy Builder Professional completely free for 30 days and see for yourself how much of a difference it will make!

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