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What is New in Pro

User interface

  • Program allows working with several strategies simultaneously.
  • A left hand navigation bar provides access to program’s features like Generator, Optimizer, Charts, etc.
  • Additional bars located below and to the right of the main screen shows more information about program state: logs, statistics…
  • All popup dialog windows are removed.
  • Program settings are located in a separate “Control Panel” page.

Changed Location of data and strategy files

  • All users’ files are placed in FSB Files folder located in My Documents.
  • Data folder contains historical data files. Data from different sources are grouped in separate folders. Each folder is attached to a “Data source”.
  • Indicators folder contains the custom indicators.
  • Strategy folder contains demo and users strategies.
  • System folder contains settings files for profiles and data sources.

Work with data files

  • FSB Pro loads data files on request and keeps them loaded for later use.
  • Dedicated “History Center” page shows loaded data, statistics and provides manners for controlling data files.
  • You can create a “Data source” for data from different broker. A “Data source” has a folder for storing data files.
  • Symbols and Data Horizon settings are saved in a corresponding Data source.
  • Different Data sources can be pointed to a single data folder. In that way you can have several symbol settings for a data set.


A Profile contains Account and program settings. For example you can create different profiles for different brokers or one profile for a demo account and one profile for a real account.


Forex Strategy Builder Pro adds additional functionality to strategy slots. These features concern Opening Logic Conditions and Closing Logic conditions.

  • Possibility to set individual symbol and period for each indicator. Periods works only if they are higher than the strategy main period. If the period is lower, program uses main period.
  • Signal shifts in two variants - At ‘number’ and Any ‘number’.


Forex Strategy Builder is rewritten from scratch. It uses newest programming paradigms. The idea behind that is to allow us further expansion and improving. Our aims is to make program utilizing full calculation capacity of the user’s computer.

Forex Strategy Builder Pro requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5