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Strategy Overview

Strategy Overview

You can open the “Strategy Overview” information box using the Overview button, which is situated over the indicator slots, or using the fast access key F4.

“Strategy Overview” displays the author's description of the strategy and automatically generates information about the logic employed, the indicator slots and the statistics on the strategy.

Statistic Information

This an example of the stats parameters shown in the Overview.

SymbolEURUSDIntrabar scanningNot accomplished
Period1 DayInterpolation methodPessimistic scenario
Number of bars2699Ambiguous bars2
Date of updating02/19/10Tested bars2694
Time of updating00:00Initial account10000.00 USD
Date of beginning10/01/99Account balance12699.00 USD
Time of beginning00:00Minimum account9801.00 USD
Minimum price0.8227Maximum account13734.00 USD
Maximum price1.6038Maximum drawdown1569.00 USD
Average Gap4 pipsMax equity drawdown1582.00 USD
Maximum Gap162 pipsMax equity drawdown12.37 %
Average High-Low118 pipsGross profit22036.00 USD
Maximum High-Low547 pipsGross loss-19337.00 USD
Average Close-Open58 pipsSent orders4590
Maximum Close-Open455 pipsExecuted orders858
Maximum days off4Traded lots858
Maximum data bars20000Winning trades228
No data older thanNo limitsLosing trades201
No data newer thanNo limitsWin/loss ratio0.53
Fill In Data GapsSwitched offTime in position51 %
Cut Off Bad DataSwitched offCharged spread1287.00 USD
Charged rollover953.00 USD
Charged commission0.00 USD
Charged slippage0.00 USD
Total charges2240.00 USD
Balance without charges14939.00 USD
Account exchange rateNot used


Additional Statistics

The Additional Statistics information is not shown by default. You can enable it by switching on that option from the program's TestingAdditional Statistics menu.

ParameterLong + ShortLongShort
Initial account10000.00 USD10000.00 USD10000.00 USD
Account balance12699.00 USD13887.00 USD8812.00 USD
Net profit2699.00 USD3887.00 USD-1188.00 USD
Net profit %26.99%38.87%-11.88%
Gross profit22036.00 USD12983.00 USD9053.00 USD
Gross loss-19337.00 USD-9096.00 USD-10241.00 USD
Profit factor1.141.430.88
Annualized profit259.66 USD373.95 USD-114.29 USD
Annualized profit %2.60%3.74%-1.14%
Minimum account9801.00 USD9523.00 USD7883.00 USD
Minimum account date4/21/20004/21/20006/6/2008
Maximum account13734.00 USD14584.00 USD11098.00 USD
Maximum account date3/27/20096/26/200911/17/2000
Absolute drawdown199.00 USD477.00 USD2117.00 USD
Maximum drawdown1569.00 USD920.00 USD3215.00 USD
Maximum drawdown %12.27%7.35%28.97%
Maximum drawdown date6/6/20085/7/20046/6/2008
Historical bars269926992699
Tested bars269426942694
Bars with trades1380752628
Bars with trades %51.22%27.91%23.31%
Number of trades429223206
Winning trades22813197
Losing trades20192109
Win/loss ratio0.530.590.47
Maximum profit715.00 USD515.00 USD715.00 USD
Average profit96.65 USD99.11 USD93.33 USD
Maximum loss-405.00 USD-360.00 USD-405.00 USD
Average loss-96.20 USD-98.87 USD-93.95 USD
Expected payoff6.29 USD17.43 USD-5.77 USD
Average holding period returns0.06%0.15%-0.05%
Geometric holding period returns0.06%0.15%-0.06%
Sharpe ratio0.060.15-0.04

Using the Info

You are allowed to use this information when writing your own articles, on your web pages or blogs, but only if you include a link to the website site of Forex Strategy Builder -