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Release Notes

Forex Strategy Builder Professional v3.5, EA Code v33

Hello Traders,

Forex Strategy Builder Professional v3.5 comes with improved MQL code (v33) for the exported Expert Advisors.

New features:

  • The Expert Advisors exposes all strategy parameters in the Input tab of the Expert Advisor panel when you attach the EA to a MT chart. You can adjust the parameters slightly in order to make the EA working better on a specific broker. (You have to be careful not to set a parameter out of its the normal range.)
  • The collection page shows the number of the passed (shown) strategies.

Fixed bugs:

  • Fixed a critical bug with “Position open below Indicator” logic rule.
  • The Multi Tester tool doesn't freeze when you run it on a folder without strategies.
  • Multi Tester “Browse” button selects the original “Strategy” folder by default.

Expert Advisors input.

This updated requires full installation.It guarantees the compatibility of the FSB version and the MQL code version.

Please report any issues you encounter in order to fix them as soon as possible.

Trade Safe!

Forex Strategy Builder Professional v3.4.1, EA Code v32

Hello Traders,

Forex Strategy Builder Professional comes with new features and new Expert Advisors code.

Changes in FSB:

  1. Added “Export all Strategies to MT4/5” options in the toolbar and in Strategy menu.
  2. Added a “Multi Tester” tool in the Repository page. Features:
    1. Recalculation of multiple strategies from a folder or form a collection.
    2. Collecting the recaclulated strategies in an output collection.
    3. Possibilities to override the strategies Profile, Data Source, Symbol or Period
    4. The strategies can be filtered out with the help of Acceptance Criteria.
    5. All strategies can be optimized.
  3. Added a “Save As”button for the strategy collections.
  4. Added an option “Change data files time zone” in the Data Download page. When it is off, FSB keeps the original data time zone (UTC) when there is no UTC support in some Windows installations.
  5. Added LTF options and vertical shift to “Previous High Low” indicator. It allows interesting settups as for example “Enter long 10 pips below the yesterdays Low”.

Multi Tester

Fixed Bugs in FSB:

  1. Fixed unnecessary additional signal shift of LTF indicators with some logic rules.
  2. Fixed setting of the Editor's page indicator chart Volume color.
  3. Fixed a crash in Data Download page for Windows installations that do not support UTC time zone. This problem was noticed in Windows copies designed to be used in only one country.
  4. Fixed misspelling of PositionPriceDependence enumeration. The option “BuyLowerSelHigher” is replaced with “BuyLowerSellHigher”. The current indicators can used the older option, but we recommend the new variant for the future custom indicators.
  5. Fixed changing values in the Indicator Options dialog by using the mouse wheel.

Changes in the MQL code:

  1. Removed all external prerequisites for the EA: Object.mqh, StdLibWrr.mqh, ArrayObj.mqh, WinUser32.mqh, stdlib.mqh, EasyXml.mqh. Now all you need for trading the EA is contained in the exported file.
  2. The expert loading is faster, which can make the difference in case of recompilation and restart during trading.
  3. Added Min_Data_Bars parameter for the users who want to increase the number of bars loaded by the EA.
  4. Removed the included XML version of the strategy in the code. The strategy creation code is generated by FSB and placed directly in the EA code during the export.
  5. Unified the strategy trading logic code in a single file used in both MT4 and MT5 experts. This improvement guaranties the nearest possible trading behavior in both MT versions.
  6. Fixed a typo in mql indicators option “IsDefaultGroupAll”. The old variant “IsDeafultGroupAll” is still working but deprecated.

This FSB Pro release requires a full update in order to ensure compatibility between the program and the MQL code files.

Forex Strategy Builder Professional v3.2.4

Forex Strategy Builder Professional v3.2.4 is published.


  1. Fixed scrolling of various UI elements by using the mouse wheel under Windows 10.
  2. Providing future compatibility of FSB with Expert Advisors code v30 and above.

Forex Strategy Builder Professional v3.2.3, EA Code v27

This update fixes some security issues and adds new functionality:

Changes in FSB v 3.2.3:

  1. The program can load new Data Source configuration files, which makes possible the symbols and settings to be exported from MetaTrader;
  2. The installation package includes the latest version of the language translations.

Changes in EA Code v27:

  1. Fixed the EA version number format in order to prevent MQL Editor warning;
  2. EA Code cleanup;
  3. EA Code works with older versions of FSB Pro.

None of these changes require re-exporting of your Expert Advisors or recalculation of your strategies.

Forex Strategy Builder Professional v3.2.2

* Fixed a crash with the Multi-Markets tool when testing a strategy and there are repeating markets.


Forex Strategy Builder Professional v3.2.1

  • Fixed a crash when closing a tab with unsaved strategy from the Multi-Market, Monte Carlo and Indicator Chart pages.

Forex Strategy Builder Professional v3.2

Forex Strategy Builder Professional v3.2 is released. This update includes also new versions of the Expert Advisors code and updates of the MT4 Bridge.

Changes in FSB Pro:

  • The program supports several installations. Now each individual installation uses its own User Files folder located in its file structure.
  • Fixed backtesting of strategies with Martingale multiplier lower than 1.
  • Fixed crashes on setting Symbol's digits in the Control Panel.
  • Fixed crashes on adding new symbols and changing the active Data Source.
  • Many internal fixes and improvements,

Changes in the Expert Advisors Code v26

  • The export EAs trade safely Indexes and Metals with custom rounding of last digits (none-standard TickSize).
  • Added additional field int the EA starting properties - “Custom order comment”. You can use it for trading Binary Options or in other cases when the broker requires a specific order comment.

Meta Trader may not recover previous EA settings of the running experts after re-exporting EAs with the new code. You have to check the settings of all running Experts if you override them.

Changes in the FSB-MT4 Bridge v11

  • Supports specific TickSize for trading metals and indexes.

The following screenshot show the EA settings for trading Binary Options.

Trading Binary Options.

Forex Strategy Builder Professional v3.1

Forex Strategy Builder Professional v3.1 is available for early access. You are welcome to experience the new features, fixes and bugs.

Changes in FSB:

  • Added search in Indicators repository;
  • Indicators repository shows only the indicators with EA support by default;
  • Fixed translation of statistic panels in Multi-Market page
  • Fixed the code of Commodity Channel Index (CCI) indicator wrong implementation of the smoothing method
  • Fixed the initial position of the Indicator Chart.
  • Fixed minor issues.

Expert Advisors code v25

  • Fixed Commodity Channel Index indicator
  • Fixed possible crash of the expert when a LTF indicator requires more bars than the main time frame.
  • The Expert Advisors show the required data and the number of bars at loading. It helps to identify the problem when the expert stops due to a shortage of data.

Indicator Repository

Forex Strategy Builder Professional v3.0.1

Releases Forex Strategy Builder Professional v3.0.1. It fixes a crash when testing LTF strategies with the Multi Markets tool.

Forex Strategy Builder Professional v3.0

Hello traders,

We are proud to announce the release of Forex Strategy Builder Professional v3.0. We made many improvements and fixed many issues from the previous version. The program is more stable and reliable now.

New Features

  • Multi Markets tool can load data with different symbols and periods and from different Data Sources. It is useful to compare the strategy performance on data with the same symbol / period, but form different broker, demo or real account or from different time zone. Please note that the Multi Markets tool uses only the main data period for backtesting. If your strategy contains ambiguous bars, you have to test it with the Method Comparator tool.
  • Data Download tool can convert the downloaded data to a specified time zone. It is useful when you use our data download service to simulate trades for your broker on your time zone.
  • Improved Expert Advisor code. The experts manage better issues with the data simulations in the MetaTrader backtester. The experts execute a failed close signal at bar Closing at the next bar Opening. This allows setting of lower Closing Time Advance parameter for faster markets and lower time frames.
  • Included Arabic translation of the program’s user interface provided by Mr. Wael Moussa.
  • The program shows LTF (Longer time frame) info for the indicators in the Strategy Overview page.

Multi Markets

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed and optimized almost all tools for preventing memory leaks.
  • Fixed a minor issue with scrolling of the indicators properties panel.
  • Fixed Save and Save As functions of cloned strategies.
  • System quality number, Sharpe ratio and Holding period return stats are set to zero for losing strategies.
  • Reduced the risk of a crash when program calculate strategies during reloading historical data.
  • Fixed the text of the strategy records tiles on Strategy Collections page.
  • Fixed Drawdown stats for the initial strategy in the Monte Carlo confidence table.
  • Fixed an eventual crash when finding the default strategy folder.
  • Fixed the number format of dynamic info of Small indicator chart.
  • All strategy tools recalculate the strategy and redraws if it is necessary.
  • Fixed crashes when closing “busy” strategies.

Data Download