Topic: Modelling Quality

I am having difficulty with data

I have downloaded some different time frames from the site and am getting 'Ambiguous Bars 19997'

and the MQ is often less than 30 %.

Is there a procedure to get better quality.

I have looke dthrough the help files and not succeeded in getting better quality...

The result is that I am getting different results with my optimizations...

Any direction will be greatly appreciated..


Re: Modelling Quality

You can improve modeling with covering more data bars with intrabar data. The best will be if you have 1 min data for all the bars of your main data period.

19997 ambiguous bars means the back test is not reliable at all. Probably your strategy uses  very tight SL and TP that both are in the bars limits.

Several ambiguous bars are Ok but more than 50-60 are too much. You have to use the "Method Comparator" tool for any strategy showing ambiguous bars.

After finishing the strategy building, you can test it on the real market with Forex Strategy Trader.

Re: Modelling Quality


I am having the same problem. I setup the account with fast broker . I can not get the quality to be more than 39% ( 15 min chart  )

if I download the history from MQ will this help?