Topic: Help Help Help

First of al I would like to thank the people who have put up this site.  It is a service which no forex broker will provide...I should think.
I am completely new to Forex and if it was not for demo accounts I would have become mankrupt from the very first week of trading.
I have gone through this site and my conclusion is that tehre is a lot of good intention but I think it is too difficult for the likes of me to understand.
My suggestion.  I think the people who really know how to run FSB should post some strategies which do not look good only on paper but are feasible and practical. 

It is useless to come up with such a complicated strategy that to open a trade (or close it) one needs to folow a manual.

Maybe I am being disrespectful or simply stupid (which can clearly be the case).  But some simple stuff and strategies to get going would really help.