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Topic: Is it possible to export an FSB strategy or .cs file to MQ4 and EX4?

Hello there. I've been trading the forex for a while now, and I have recently discovered FSB. I think this is  a pretty useful strategy tester, but it lacks one major function: the possibility to export strategies and custom indicators (.cs) to MQL 4 language to be used with the Metatrader 4 platform.

I'm just starting to learn MQL4 language, and I'm convinced I could save myself a lot of precious coding and testing time on MQL4 if I had the possibility of testing multiple strategies in FSB and then only export the most promising ones as a coding baseline for a MT4 EA or custom indicator.

Since both languages used in FSB and MQL4 are C based, I was wondering if it could be done manually somehow.

I searched the mql4 forums and I found a thread about this in the Russian postings, but only a few of them were in English.

Any light on this matter would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Is it possible to export an FSB strategy or .cs file to MQ4 and EX4?

Hi Marventus,

Actually you don't need to convert the custom indicators to the MQL4 language because you can directly trade the strategy that you made in Forex Strategy Builder using Forex Strategy Trader. I think this is the whole idea of the FSB and FST software to be made. It's much simpler than converting to MQL4 language, re-editing again and finding the bugs, and re-debugging the code. So non programmer should be able to use FSB and FST easily.

If you like to do the custom indicator programming, FSB also provide the platform to develop your own custom indicators in CSharp language. And the good things is you can see the backtesting result of your code directly in FSB.

Best Regards

Re: Is it possible to export an FSB strategy or .cs file to MQ4 and EX4?

I have some related suggestion so I post it here. Exporting of strategies to some other platform can be useful for better testing. But their export to MetaStock can be much easier than to MetaTrader because really it doesn't require some format convertion, it needs only formulas correspondance. For example, when FSB provides a signal like "opens below the Upper Band of Bollinger" I need just to insert a formula something like (i'm not sure it is correct) Cross(CLOSE,  BBandBot(CLOSE, opt1, SIMPLE, opt2)). And the table of correspondance can use some such parameters opt1, opt2, etc. 'cause MS has a powerful optimizer and is a good instrument for batch testing so parameters convertion is not required.

So I want to ask if somebody has already some correspondances between FSB signals and MS formulas.