Topic: Repost as no seem to able to help me. Thank you.


I try to create an open and close conditions with Forex Strategy Builder but was not successful. Below is the conditions I looking for

Open Buy condition
1. Close below the lower Bollinger band using close prices, 20 bar look back period and 2 standard deviation
2. Buy on the next open bar

Close Buy condition
1. Close is above Open
2. Close after 20 bar periods since open buy.

Thank you for your help.

John Lui

Re: Repost as no seem to able to help me. Thank you.

Hi luins38.
I can give you a hand trying your strategy but there's some information that I need first:
1. What currency pair are you trying to apply this strategy to? As you probably know, each currency pair has specific characteristics which tend to be reflected in price action and volatility, and since your strategy is basically volatility based, this information is rather important.
2. What period are you planning to apply your strategy to: 1H, 1D, etc?
3. In the "Open buy" condition, you mean "OPEN below the lower BB", right?
4. Closing conditions might be difficult to replicate in FSB, but it's certainly possible to do so in MQL4 (MT4 language). I'll try to look into it.