Topic: Close on Friday not working

I have set some strategies to close on Friday at 23:00 and have them trading on a live demo account.  I was expecting all of the strategies to close before markets shut down, however they are all still open.  I noticed a similar thing when I tried to create some strategies that had a very limited session time, and selected close at end of session, however the backtest analytics showed trades happening at all hours of the day.

Any ideas on how I can get this functionality to work reliably?

Re: Close on Friday not working

I checked the code and found it can be improved.

I'll try to make it to close the positions if the set Session close is approaching (let's say within 15 seconds).
It may check for that at every tick or on a timer, even once per second.
Currently, it checks for Session/Friday close only at Bar Open.

For now, you can set the closing time to 1- 2 bars earlier than the actual closing time.

Thank you for pointing out this issue!