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Topic: EA Properties

What does Max Spread Protection (points) mean?
What does Min Equity Protection (currency) mean?

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Max spread over which trades will not be taken and min account below which trading stops.

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footon:  Thanks for answering my questions!

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When was Max Spread Protection (points) and Min Equity Protection (currency)  added as inputs to the MQL code?  I looked for the updated date in the Sticky EA Studio Update topic but did not find it.

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About two weeks ago. I was busy to post an update.

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I could use more clarification on "Min Equity Protection (currency)" in the EA properties box. 

When the minimum equity is reached does the EA just stop adding additional open positions based on the EAs strategy, or does it close all open positions?

In addition, I have one question about EA Studio:  Will a given EA open more than one position at a time?