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Hi, do ea studio have the option "Default numeric value" like FSB ?
It would be great!

Thank you

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That's very interesting idea!

Do anyone uses this option in FSB Pro?

If you forgot it, I'm posting a ref from the FSB Pro User Guide:

Use default numeric values is disabled by default. If you enable it the Generator will only change the Application Logic of Indicators without changing their numeric values. The defaults for the generator will be left as they are. This option is used to avoid over-optimization.

Please share your experience with the Use default numeric values option.

I can test it in in EA Studio to see how it generates strategies.

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Personally none of my live successful strategies use standard period values for any of the indicators. Overall I've noticed in 13 years of live trading that the standard period values of almost any indicator have no value for successful live trading. Hence I am not using the option and don't think it will be any useful for EA Studio / EG. Just my 2 cents.

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I really like this setting as it is one way to avoid over-optimzation and lately I am focusing on that problem!
I am not successful yet so maybe that not the way to go but I like it anyway .

EA studio and FSB are too powerful and if you don't restrict highly their power then you will have over-optimization 99% of the time, that the way I am thinking, I might be wrong tho

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Overfitting is an issue indeed, it's with any kind of datamining, not just in trading, and with any platform. But it's not avoided by restricting indicator periods to some standard values, but by giving the creation process full freedom and using a large enough data set to stimulate model generalization, stability tests and multi-market validation and huge OOS and hold out periods for the final verification.

As said, my strategies that pass these conditions (which are less than 0.1%) and are profitable live, do not use any standard indicator periods, so I know it's a dead end on this one after 13 years of 24/7 strategy building.

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What do you mean by large data ? How much bars are you using and on which TF ?
Multi Market validation ? So for you its possible that a strategies is profitable on multi currency pairs ?

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It absolutely is, I wouldn't trade a strategy which only works on one pair and falls apart on other pairs completely. It means that it is too curve matched if it does that and chances are 99% that it won't work live. Think of the other markets as an extra big OOS verification. Less than 0.1% of the generated strategies achieve that, but the once that do, are almost guaranteed to be profitable live.

I am building on data from 1987 to 2017 on H1 and validate with OOS from 2018 to 2023. I am using my own data for this which I've compiled and cleaned over the last decade of working in this field. It's available for others too, PM me if interested.

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Thank you for this excellent information!
I appreciate it.