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Topic: The magic no. of MT with agrees with FXblue

Hello, I track my eas with FXblue and when I black test the eas in metatrader they give the same results. I have made sure a thousand times that the dates, pair, magic number, everything is correct. Does anyone know why? Or does anyone know a tool that allows for better monitoring of the eas?
FXblue is the one who gives me the correct data but I would like to deepen the analysis of the eas one by one and I did this with MT.

I have also thought that after downloading the eas, I make a filter in which most do not pass my test. So, these data are not correct?


Re: The magic no. of MT with agrees with FXblue

I think my previous text was not translated correctly, let's try with ChatGPT: It has been happening to me for months, I set up EA Studio systems and after a month, I see how they are performing. In most systems, the results that the systems have in a new backtest in real-time and the results they have actually achieved are different.
This means that Metatrader does not efficiently backtest EA Studio systems for me. Does anyone know anything about this, please?

Re: The magic no. of MT with agrees with FXblue

Hi jgang, you're welcome to the forums!

EAS is highly compatible with metatrader backtests.

I don't know if this is your case but many people underestimate the costs of average spread, comissions and swaps in real account trading.

Make sure to include into EAS and MT5 the right spread when backtesting to penalize trading systems in hypothetical performance reports.