Topic: Free live data feeds anywhere?

I'm not sure what feeds are used for FSB and I am interested to know if there are any available that can be used in excel or even a web~script?

Interbank data feeds from any major company cost a fortune and any already on the web are usually java based and therefore very hard to parse data from to do anything useful with, such as mathematics!

I found this site but still can't find anything that doesn't cost a fortune. Anyone have any tips? I'd really appreciate it.

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Re: Free live data feeds anywhere?

I found free historical Meta Trader for M1 timeframe for 2001 - 2007 at .

You can then use Meta Trader's export function to export to csv format. Maybe someone can find a "convertor" to convert this M1 data for other timeframe.

Re: Free live data feeds anywhere?

If you find or write a .hst to .csv converter, we can include it into the FSB distribution. The specification of .hst format can also be useful.