Topic: Update Historical Data

Express Generator can fetch historical data from our Premium Data server.

TITLE Update Data

node .\bin\fetch.js ^
  --fx-rates  true  ^
  --periods       M15 M30 H1 ^
  --max-data-bars 100000 ^
  --time-zone 0


How it works:
--fx-rates  true - sets the fetch command to update the FX exchange rates. They are needed to convert the profit into the account currency.
--symbols   EURUSD USDJPY GBPUSD USDCHF - these are the symbols we will download
--periods   M15 M30 H1 - periods to download for each of the above symbols
--max-data-bars 100000 - the maximum number of bars to download
--time-zone 0 - "fetch" can change the data timezone. We specify the timezone shift in hours. Here 0 means UTC.

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Re: Update Historical Data

Hi Popov,
Hope you are fine.
I have a question:
I am trading on ICMarkets.
ICMarkets servers are set on UTC+2.
When using the time_zone fetch setting in express generator should I set it to 2 or 0?