Topic: not possible to load all CPUs

I try to run FSB on 24 core server but its not possible to load all cpus even when specifying num of pararell threads to max 64. All cpus are loaded like ~50%. Starting another instance of FSB loads CPUs but I guess it must run another symbol of TF.
Any idea what's this ??


Re: not possible to load all CPUs

The reason for your observation is that the multithreaded systems has some overhead, latency, and locking.
A better solution is to run one Generator per FSB Pro instance and to have several FSB Pro instances running.

Please note that each FSB Pro instance will require 2,3 or more GB of RAM depending on the count of bars in your data series and the number of indicator slots of the strategies.

The best processors for FSB Pro are 6 or 8 core I7. Your processor is probably AMD. They are very good for severs and  marketing.