Topic: total mismatch

I generated a few strategies for AUDUSD and wanted to make a back tests both using MT4 and MT5 and compare results.
Two back tests gave similar results but third one gave total mismatch (3 trades vs 131 trades). I believe there can be something wrong in translation of indicators to MT5. Back tests for both MT4 and MT5 were very slow for this strategies comparing to other ones due to some reasons. See enclosure.

regards, Krzysztof

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Re: total mismatch

FSB Pro was designed to have very powerful backtesting engine and MT compatibility was not a goal.
We added MT Expert Advisors export several years ago. The exported experts use own indicators and a FSB Pro calculation algorithm. In most of the case the discrepancy comes of the way the MT "fabricates" ticks when interpolates the historical bars. Other reasons for discrepancy are different data, symbol or account settings, different data time-zone, different backtest starting bar, and least possible - bug in FSB Pro or in the indicators.

If you want faster experts and native MT indicators, please test EA Studio.