Topic: Exclude specific hours and days

Hi everybody.

Could you please someone tell me.

After creating an EA, how to change it not to trade certain hours and days of the week?

example Trading session.
Monday to Friday
But I don't want to trade between 15:00 and 17:00
I also don't want to trade on Tuesdays and Wednesdays either.

Thank you.

Re: Exclude specific hours and days

Firstly you introduce these restrictions at the time of EA creation, not after. Secondly, your options are fully doable only in Pro, Studio is not so sophisticated, see Entry Time indi and trading session (under Tools tab) for options of what you can do.

Re: Exclude specific hours and days

You can set one trading interval in EA Studio.
To do it, use the "Entry time" and "Exit time" indicators.

As Footon said, you can set multiple trading intervals in FSB Pro by using Logical groups.