Topic: Algorithm fitting

Algorithm fitting is exploiting of the back-testing algorithm to show an overstated result. Unfortunately, FSB does not protect you in this situation. 

An example is the Stop Limit indicator. When the both exit levels are reachable during the same bar FSB tends to close the position at the Limit price. This is not the real situation.

Please, be extremely careful with the indicators Stop Limit and Take Profit!

Re: Algorithm fitting

Suggest indicators that can't reproduce real world result should be tag Like the Fibonacci indicator, may be something like - Warning result may not be reproduciable

Re: Algorithm fitting

No more problems with "Stop Limit" and the other indicators that place exit order into the same bar - see the newest beta version.

Re: Algorithm fitting

You can easy prevent an alogorithm fitting by using "Method Comparator".
It shows the average balance line, that is most probably the real one.