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Topic: failed market sell Volume exceeds

2022.07.18 08:30:00.126    xau1b% (GBPJPY,M1)    Error: ActionTrade::ManageOrderSend(): OrderCheck(): Invalid volume in the request

2022.07.18 07:46:51.363    Trades    '92957759': market sell 0.2 AUDUSD, close #5146089 buy 0.1 AUDUSD 0.67956
2022.07.18 07:46:51.508    Trades    '92957759': failed market sell 0.2 AUDUSD, close #5146089 buy 0.1 AUDUSD 0.67956 [Volume to be closed exceeds the position volume]

It seems as though the EA is trying to reverse by selling double the amount.   I can place a buy order manually and they sell for 2x the amount and it works just fine without errors. And the EA seems to be working fine in backtest. I'm using coinexx server and tried both netting and hedging accts. I also tried metatrader server.

The parameters were:
next same signal direction: do nothing 1%
Next opposite signal: reverse 1%

I have the entry amount for new set to 1%, maximum 1%. So basically everything is set to 1%

Re: failed market sell Volume exceeds

Do you mean an expert from FSB Pro?

The expert exported from FSB Pro currently trade on MT4, and MT5 Netting accounts only.

We are working on adding support to MT5 hedging accounts with the release of FSB Pro v4.0.

Please attach the expert for testing.

Re: failed market sell Volume exceeds

I tried it on mt4 and it worked but somehow the indicators are getting corrupted and the values aren't the same as in mt5 and hence the results are different.  As I previously stated i tried it on both hedging and netting mode in mt5 to no avail.  I have changed the order type to close on opposite signal and it now works on MT5 netting mode. However, i want to get the reversal function fixed because it makes more trades that way if it can place the opposite signal order on the same bar.

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Re: failed market sell Volume exceeds

update: so I think most of the errors were user errors caused by putting the addition lot equal to the max lot and then the EA cannot add any extra lots if its already at max.  So I changed the addition lots to zero and I put the reducing lots equal to the initial lot amount and it seems to be placing trades now without errors.

Re: failed market sell Volume exceeds

Nice to see you have found a temporary solution.

On the other hand, the problem persists.

You are using the installed Forex Strategy Builder, right?

It should not produce errors when you trade on MT4 and MT5 netting accounts.

Please share your Expert to be able to test it and to be sure everything is correct.