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Topic: Add own "Closing Point of Position"

Hello team and members,

I'm new for one week at the FSB.
In the last years, I created my own strategies by MT4 programming.
Some of them are not too bad ;-), and I want to add some points of them to the FSB.

I created an multiple StopLoss for some trades.
If the profit reaches a specific level, the TS will set, that the trade cannot get in loose anymore.
If the next level of profit is reached, I startes trailing in a specific distance to the actual price.
If next level is reached in profit, the distance get very short to the actual price.
That, till the order closes by TS.

No, I want to bring this "Closing" mechanism in my strategies at the FSB, or the Studio, if possible.

Can someone explain to me in shot words, how I can do this (MT4 code to "Forex Strategy Builder Professional", or Studio)?

Regards and many thanks in advance,

Re: Add own "Closing Point of Position"


I can see that happening by modifying the exported EA only (and that's true for both Studio's and Pro's EAs).